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'Lake Baikal is truly astonishing. One of the most ancient geographical features on Earth, it is estimated to be 30 million years old'
Marc Di Duca

Iconic mammoth hotel planned for Lake Baikal with soaring-100 metre high tusks

By Olga Gertcyk
25 May 2017

Sculptor Dashi Namdakov pays homage to extinct woolly giant in innovative design aimed at becoming Buryatia's 'brand'.

Mammoth hotel SIberia. Picture: Dashi Namdakov

Local officials in the Republic of Buryatia hope the new mammoth hotel on the shores of Baikal will attract more tourists and investment to the world's oldest and deepest lake. 

Acting head of the republic, Alexey Tsydenov, said it would be built in the Baikal Harbour complex. 

'Tourists are not interested in ordinary hotels, but (those) with a local touch, ethnic hotels,' he said.

'Recently we showed this project of our architect Dashi Namdakov in Moscow. It is a large building shaped as a mammoth.'

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia
The height of each tusk is 100 metres. Pictures: Dashi Namdakov, The Siberian Times

The building 'has an historic and ethnic 'twist', Tsydenov said. 

'The height of each tusk is 100 metres, and its 'head' will have rooms and a conference hall.

'I hope this project will be implemented, and a 'mammoth' will rise on the Baikal shore.'

Woolly mammoths lived in Siberia until their final extinction some 4,000 years ago. 

Winter and summer views on shores of Lake Baikal

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Mammoth hotel Siberia

Comments (2)

While admiring your Authorities' initiative and legitimate wishes for tourist development, this hotel project may transform a uniquely pristine ambience into a "Vegas style" nightmare.From an architectural point of view, it shows an expensive surplus of masonry.You're near to China, call a Feng Shui expert (for respect of your territory and your business plan) to give a reading about this symbol of death, huge cavities and pointed chi. By all means build a Mammoth didactic playground for kids. You would please tourists by integrating a timeless Belle Epoque Russian style into the landscape, which offers modern heating, cooling, web, spa etc. In the past 40 years they have managed to ruin my city Venice almost totally, with savage tourism mistakes, please cherish this wonderful treasure you have! Spossibo!
Maria, Italy
16/04/2021 09:11
Predivan projekat mislim da je pravi pogodak. Tako nesto na tom mestu ima potencijal ,Zelim vam uspeha i dobar profit.... buduci gost....!
hristo, Srbija
27/05/2017 16:23

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