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'Kolchak was 'like an Englishman'-the analogy oddly recurs in an official Soviet account of the execution'
Peter Fleming, 'The Fate of Admiral Kolchak'

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A perfect place for Western visitors to mix with locals in this informal, fun, modern restaurant. 

Do try the signature Russian Pelmeni, a kind of Siberian Ravioli - a must for any traveller. The chef swears that such collection of all kinds of pelmeni from all over the world you will not find in any other restaurant. Check it out!

In the same complex as the Doubletree by Hilton hotel. The bar offers an excellent selection of beers from around the world. 


Whether you're here for work, or a quick respite from crossing Siberia by train, Novosibirsk has a wide selection of places to eat, drink and relax. 

At the top end, in Akademgorodok, some half an hour drive south from the city centre is one of Siberia's finest restaurants, TBK Lounge. We also like the feeling of La Maison restaurant, conveniently situated in the very centre of Novosibirsk, at Sovetskaya street, with a nice romantic story behind the 1908 building, which the English-speaking staff would be glad to share with you. 

Almost all city's restaurants, cafes and pubs would now offer set business lunches; the times may vary, but you should be ok sometime between 12 noon and 3 pm. The average bill for one is about 600 roubles, ($20, €15).

Some restaurants will still put the service charge on their bills, which can be anything from 7 to 10 per cent (should be indicated in the bill); there is a tradition of leaving a tip, which usually is a maximum of 10 per cent. 

The opening hours are best double checked against the restaurants websites, but normally the cafes and restaurants are open at least until midnight, with no gap in the middle of the day; the free wifi is becoming more and more the part of the service — as it should be. 

Please note that the majority of Russian restaurants still allow for indoor smoking. 

We will keep updating Where To Eat listings for all Siberian cities. You are welcome to join in developing this part of the website, or to send your feedback on

One more thing: we don’t charge the restaurants, cafes and pubs for appearing here.
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