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'Lake Baikal's ability to purify itself is down to an endemic microscopic shrimp called epischura baikalensis'
'Sacred Sea', Peter Thomson

Rare tiger cub 'shot by loggers' at point blank range in eastern Russia

By The Siberian Times reporter
03 August 2015

Endangered Amur tigers are protected under President Vladimir Putin's special project.

'We saw a logging Kamaz [truck] three kilometres away and think the tiger was killed by loggers because they were the only people in the area.' Picture: Yury Zolotarev


Tourists found the dead tiger cub last week in Khabarovsk region and reported several days later  that the rare creature had been shot at close range. Cyclists said the body of the Amur tiger - one of only 500 or so still living in the wild - was still warm when they saw it. 

They had no phones to report the incident immediately and left the site fearing the cub's mother could be nearby and attack them.

'The cub must have been learning to hunt and jumped out onto the road. People who saw it must have been taken by surprise and fired shots,' said a man called Yevgeny, cited as a witness, told Kommersant daily.

Amur tiger cub shot

Amur tiger cub shot

Amur tiger cub shot

'The cub must have been learning to hunt and jumped out onto the road. People who saw it must have been taken by surprise and fired shots.' Pictures: Yury Zolotarev, Mikhail Stal

'We saw a logging Kamaz [truck] three kilometres away and think the tiger was killed by loggers because they were the only people in the area. Although, of course, it might have been killed by poachers.'

They returned next day to the scene but could not find the tiger's body: it had disappeared. 

President Putin has led a wildlife campaign to save the tiger, and new laws have significantly tightened penalties for killing the animal by poachers and others.

Numbers of the Amur tiger in the wild are now increasing both in Russia and neighbouring China, say experts. 

Comments (18)

Hopefully they are caught for shooting/poaching this young, beautiful, majestic, magical, animal. Poor little cub didn't get to live its life, learn, and maybe even someday raise his/her own cubs. Please give them the highest sentence and life without parole. If they do get parole or a lower sentence, take away all their guns, and weapons and hunting and gun licenses.
Anonymous Tiger Lover, Wichita, KS
11/08/2015 03:48
Who ever did this , had this all planned out . I pray there caught and given the max penalty .
What a waste , this tiger was gorgeous .
Beverly , Pueblo Colorado
06/08/2015 11:57
Who ever shot this cub, taken by surprise or not have committed an illegal act as Tigers are PROTECTED under Appendix I. What are they doing there with guns, why were they logging illegally. These people need to be brought to justice under two counts of illegal activity.
Spots and Stripes Conservation, London
05/08/2015 23:44
To whomever shot that poor cub,
You are horriple people! I pray god and karma find you jerks and make you pay!
Better yet, I pray the mother of that cub finds you - and shows you how she feels about your cowardly act.
April Vaughan, Bradenton, Fl
05/08/2015 11:17
when will the senseless killing of these majestic animals stop. First we all roared for justice for Cecil the lion now we must do the same for this little tiger as there are not a lot of them left in the wild. Mr Putin please make who ever did this pay for their crime.
Tracey Maynard, Shalvey, Australia
05/08/2015 04:48
Me espanta la maldad de ciertos seres humanos, como pueden hacer esta barbaridad.
Emilia Bortagaray, Buenos Aires Argentina
05/08/2015 04:15
How sad, no matter the reason.
Sofia Recksen, Sweden
05/08/2015 02:07
This is horrible, but until someone takes it upon themselves to say why they killed this beautiful animal, it is hard to judge them purely from what has occurred in the past. NOT trying to give them an out, it is possible the poor cub frightened (in play hunting) the person as well as being frightened and both reacted accordingly. No it is NOT acceptable to shoot these wonder's animals for sport, hang the people high if they are shown to be guilty. Let us give the Russian government time to investigate this horror before we end up condemning the wrong people. I would really like to know what happened to the body and who or what took it away.
Hazel Camba, Lemoore, California, USA
05/08/2015 01:23
Jesteś z siebie dumny idoto.mógł bym zabić ciebie .twoim dzieciom pod ciąć gardło i wypieprzyc twoją stara kurve
Tomasz, Polska
05/08/2015 01:18
The main question is WHY ? To the person or persons who did this are you proud of yourself? Does it make you feel big? It's just a cub, a Baby. How you feel if the shoe was on the other foot. Just think when you take your children to the zoo one day to see a tiger, if any are left. As they look upon this majestic cat, how beautiful it is. That for no real reason you killed a tiger cub once and just left it on the said of the road.After you have told them this, try to look in their eyes and remember that look you get. These children have studied about them, how few they are, a solitarity animal. Once there were many. Now there are so few. Do you hear the tiger roar in jungle like times of old? Times of old have faded buy,it's concrete jungles now.The tigers have grown so few,species gone. and most to few.So if you happen to hear to a tiger roar one night. Close your eyes and think back to those wonderful times when plenty riamed free. Just enjoy the beautiful sound of it and all around. That is a more wonderful memory than a dead tiger cub on the side of the road. I would not want to be on the wrong side of Karma for what has been done. p.s. I know tigers don't really roar ,but it sure sounds like it.
Tamera Lott, USA
05/08/2015 00:46
So many of these rare and beautiful animals being killed for what reason? its disgusting and sad that so few are left who would want to kill a baby animal anyway let alone this one.
Karen , New Zealand
05/08/2015 00:43
The senseless murdering of our world's animals must end
Liz Smith, Ireland
05/08/2015 00:40
The murderer who shot this already endangered animal must be found and given a life sentence. Examples must be made to deter others from such disgusting acts.
T, London
05/08/2015 00:28
Madness! Human parasitic madness. Greed and Cruelty abound.
"Those who knowingly harm other animals are likely to knowingly harm other people" ~ Anthony Douglas Williams
Ren Saunders, Hertfordshire. UK
05/08/2015 00:22
Who's responsible. find the murderers and prosecute them.

Killing endangered young /old animals is the lowest form of actions against animals.
marilyn eterno, usa
04/08/2015 23:52

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