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'Numer of endemic species in lake Baikal is 1,455'
Marc Di Duca

The seals are the mermaids' dogs, didn't you know?

By Kate Baklitskaya
13 June 2013

The Siberian Times keeps writing about the unique seals sanctuary organised by Lora Beloivan from Vladivostok.

Lost and alone on the Pacific coast, the seals would die without the help of a unique seal sanctuary. Picture: Lora Beloivan

This year Lora and her husband Pavel have five seals to take care of, which is not always an easy job, as Lora says, especially when it gets to feeding time!

'Here is another proof that the seals are indeed the mermaid's dogs - see Vicka there in the distance, staring at the food and drooling just like your normal dog?' 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'Vicka got herself into the bath thinking that it would make her close to fish. The plan didn't work, so Vika is in despair'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'Here they are, our seals, from left to right - Romala, Vicka, Ariel, Gagarin, and a bit of Sonya'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'This is Gagarin, he is always the fastest to get the food'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'Sonya being fed by the vet'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'Ariel comes closer to the center of events. This is fab and a leap forward for her, as she was sick for a long time and still needs a while to recover. 

'Some time ago we noticed strange marks all along Ariel's neck - they turned out to be rat bites. She also had ticks, but thankfully that's cured. We've been wondering just how long did she spend in the commercial port of Nakhodka until she was found. 

'It is quite difficult to feed Ariel. Her jaws are so strong and she bites so frantically that the fish gets mashed and falls out of her mouth. So for her the rule is to avoid small herrings, but to go for long rather large male herrings - and keep the hands firm on her jaws until the fish gets all the way down'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'Romala doesn't like hard bits and can be chewing her fish for ages. She also doesn't like to be fed - but as she is still unable to ear by herself she agrees to compromise'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'Thanks to this photo I first noticed that Sonya lacks a finger. The veterinarian is out now buying our weekly fish supply; we'll have a look together with him as soon as he is back'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

'While the vet feeds Ariel, big girls socialise'. 

Seals rehab Vladivostok

See more on Lora and Pavel's sanctuary: Lost and alone on the Pacific coast, the seals would die without the help of a unique seal sanctuary.

Here is Lora's blog if you'd like to follow her, offer help or just get in touch: http://tosainu.livejournal.com/

Comments (2)

little sweethearts I wonder if there is a way to help the centre? I don't speak Russian but can you put an account number so that people can donate?
Yasmin, OAE
21/06/2013 18:52
Kate these are great pictures. Good luck to these people saving these poor creatures, same for your recent story on those poor bears
Nigel, London
17/06/2013 00:27

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