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'Lake Baikal: the very name fills Russian hearts with awe'
Mike Carter, The Observer

A man's best friend is a.... boar

By The Siberian Times reporter
17 August 2017

Hunting inspector Vladimir Malkov rescued the wild animal as a baby after its mother perished in wildfires.

Vladimir Malkov, hunting inspector. Picture: Ampravda

Borka the boar was around one month old when Vladimir plucked him to safety in a burning forest in Amur region. 

Shaking with fear in the car after being saved, the little piglet refused to eat for three days.

'We had to fight for his life,' said Vladimir. 

'We fed him with milk from a bottle.'

Little piglets. Picture: Ampravda

He grew and was put in a cage outside Vladimir's home on the edge of the forest. 

But then he got sick and the hunter's wife insisted he come inside the home. 

He was soon house trained. 

And happy to jump on the sofa. 

Vladimir visitng his friend Borka. Picture: Ampravda

He followed Vladimir when he went on his quadro bike.

Vladimir knew the day must come when the animal  should be released into the wild. 

But Borka returned home -- tunnelling into his old cage. 

Borka the boar likes Vladimir to rub his belly. Pictures: Ampravda 

'He is about 100 kilograms now, his peers same age are at least 30 kilograms lighter,' said Vladimir. 

'Once he bit me because I hadn't given him something delicious to eat.'

He likes Vladimir to rub his belly. 

The boar is now in an 'orphanage' for animals rescued after being attacked or hurt. 

'Orphanage' for animals rescued after being attacked or hurt. Pictures: Ampravda 

Comments (6)

Don't let the Trump boys know where these animals are.

They like shooting defenseless animals and posing with their corpses.
Pendragon, Michigan USA
28/09/2017 04:48
I grew up on a farm and found that hogs were smarter than cattle. Once you scratched behind their ears, they would always come back for more, even rooting at you with their nose to get that attention.
Aarky, Ft Smith, USA
03/09/2017 05:06
That first picture of Mr. Malkov is wonderful. Those eyes of his just exude kindness. What a hero!
Phil Jones, Olympia, WA USA
26/08/2017 13:25
lets just hope he will not trust others, trigger happy and trophy hunters. or someone looking for a sunday roast.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
20/08/2017 04:03
The intelligence, sense of humour and interactions that abound in nature are genuinely impressive and uplifting. I agree with Jocelyne and thank you for your compassion and recognition of these aspects of nature.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
19/08/2017 21:40
Touching story. Lucky boar ! Thanks to Vladimir and his family to have take care of Borka..
Jocelyne, FRANCE
19/08/2017 03:47

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