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British expats in Siberia wanted for TV series

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 October 2014

Television star is on the lookout for people who’ve quit the rat race for Russia.

New, four-part series about life in remote and extreme places. Picture: Optomen

Former urbanites who’ve relocated to Siberia’s great wildernesses could soon be showing British designer and television presenter Kevin McCloud what off-grid living is all about. Patrick Furlong, the show’s Executive Producer, is on the hunt for willing participants living the lifestyle block dream. He said, 'We’d love to hear from families or couples who’ve made the move and understand the hard work, exhilaration, and satisfaction involved in making a home in a remote place'. 

From building a cabin in the forest, constructing an eco-home in the bush, to raising meat on a mountainside – Kevin McCloud wants to find out whether living a simpler life in a wild corner of Siberia is the key to a happier and more fulfilling existence.  

Having previously embarked on his own escapist building project in the UK, Kevin McCloud is no stranger to sustainable living and wild building techniques. His Man Made Home, hand-crafted from trees felled in his own woods, was a place to find solace away from frantic urban living – and to seek happiness through making and doing. 

In a thrilling new series, Kevin will visit adventurous people who’ve chosen to survive this way permanently. Pioneering families who’ve upped sticks to create their own off-grid paradise will ensure Kevin earns his keep. They’ll share the harsh realities of day-to-day life in remote places – from hauling water and growing food, to enduring extreme temperatures and dealing with the local critters.  

Surviving in the wild can be tough; Kevin wants to know what it takes and whether it’s worth risking everything to escape the daily grind. Filming for Kevin McCloud: Escape to the Wild will take place between January and February 2015 and the four-part series will be broadcast later next year.

Those interested in finding out more please contact Producer, Cheryl Jackson via e-mail at or by calling +44(0) 203 227 5996.

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