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We never forget the victims of the Beslan school terrorist outrage

By Olga Gercyk
04 September 2015

From the Urals to Pacific people this week joined the rest of Russia in marking the massacre in which 334 were killed.

People from all over Russia marked the massacre in which 334 were killed. Picture:

A schoolboy in Vladivostok said: 'Everyone needs to know and remember it, so that it doesn't happen again.' A school girl added: 'Of course it is terrible to find out about such things, but on the other hand, we need to know about it. It's the modern world.' 

It is 11 years since more than 1,200 students and adults were held hostage for three days in School Number One in Beslan. They were kept without food and water in the school's sports hall stuffed with explosives. The terrorist act killed 334 people, including more than 180 children.

In towns and cities all over Siberia and the Russian Far East, white balloons were released into the sky as a mark of respect for those slain in a horror which shocked the entire world. 

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan
People from all over Russia marked the massacre in which 334 were killed. Pictures here and below: news sources from Abakan, Omsk, Khabarovsk, Barnaul, Blagoveschensk, Birobidzhan and Surgut

In Abakan and Omsk, special lessons were held on the threats posed by terrorism.

Yevgeny Skripkarev, an organiser in Omsk, said: 'We need to be united to stand up to terrorism.'

At Blagoveshensk, candles were lit in the shape of the word 'Memory'.

In Surgut and surrounding villages there was a day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism. 

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan

in memory of Beslan


Comments (7)

Sincere condolences. This is just too sad. I will never understand where hurting the helpless and the innocent can be justified.
R Roslanic, USA
09/09/2015 21:21
I hope they the authorities learned lessons from this tragedy, and not repeat same & I hope President Putin has learned how to treat victims families after such like tragedies because he wasn't at all very understanding of their grief & suffering at the time. I hope the people of Beslan are doing better by the day with the terrible loss & tragedy they endured on that fateful day in 2004. May they never be disturbed like that again & may they have a blessed & peaceful future.

My sincere sympathies are sent for all those who died. RIP.
Jaker, Dundalk
09/09/2015 11:40
Tampoco olvidaremos, y oramos por la paz en los corazones de sus familiares.

(Ha sido un ejemplo claro que la oligarquía usurera internacional no trepida en usar cualquier recurso (en este caso bajo el eufemismo de "islam radical"), por macabro que sea, para doblegar un país)
Alonso, Chile
07/09/2015 08:30
Nobody and no country is immune to terrorism. We must come together as one people to fight this. Too many innocents suffer.
rose beninger, USA
07/09/2015 05:49
these types of crimes can never be forgotten . For them we must keep are guard up and be prepare.
billy, douglas arizona USA
06/09/2015 12:48
You wonder why things like this happen not just in this great country but all around the world .
todd, Austrailia
05/09/2015 22:39
My condolences. It was horrible. I still remember this.3
Tom Vincze, Canada
05/09/2015 02:16

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