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'Baikal tributaries drain an area the size of Britain and France combined'
Marc Di Duca

Two children rescued from being sold by gypsies 'to human organ traffickers' 

By The Siberian Times reporter
13 January 2016

Russian girl Anna, 13, and boy Timofei, 5, rescued from torment by diplomats in Kyrgyzstan after mother's 'murder’.

Novosibirsk region governor Vladimir Gorodetsky visited orphans in rehabilitation centre. Picture: Mikhail Permin

The children's mother, Natalya, 39, a resident of Novosibirsk, had gone to live in the ex-Soviet state in Central Asia around a decade ago. She was found dead in suspicious circumstance in the village of Shalta on 11 September last year.

It is alleged that her boyfriend then immediately sold the children to gypsies, who intended to take the brother and sister abroad and sell them to traders in human organs. 

Russian ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Andrei Krutko, said: 'We got a call saying that two children - a girl, 13, and boy, 5, were on the street in the suburbs of Bishkek. They were begging and in a very bad state.' 


Timofei with Anastasia Antonova


In late December, children arrived in Novosibirsk and now live in a rehabilitation centre. Pictures:

He added: 'The boy was extremely emaciated. Both kids needed medical help, but first of all they needed to eat properly.'

Vice-consul Anastasia Antonova stated: 'There are many reasons to believe that Natalya was murdered. Immediately after her death, the orphans were sold to gypsies, who tried, according to police and our own information, to illegally take children from Kyrgyzstan and resell them to traders of human organs.'

She explained: 'It was in September that we first received a call from the gypsy neighbours, and then they [the neighbours] came to the embassy in person. They said that the children had come to them, asking to hide them from the gypsies. Immediately they began to receive threats. They asked us to help.'

Andrei Krutko

Anastasia Antonova

Russian ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Andrei Krutko (top) and Vice-consul Anastasia Antonova (bottom). Pictures: RusEmbassyKyrgyzstan,

The children were taken from the street to the Russian embassy with the help of local police, said the envoys. The embassy issued new documents for the children and sent a letter to Novosibirsk officials, asking to take them into care. 

In late December, they arrived in Novosibirsk and now live in a rehabilitation centre. The centre's psychologist Nikolai Ryabtsev told KP: 'It was hard to gain the trust of the children.


The children were saved from gypsies in Bishkek to find new home in Novosibisk. Picture: The Siberian Times

'First we talked about Kyrgyz attractions, about where they had been there. But at the slightest movement of the hand Timofei fell on the floor and cowered. You do not need to be a psychologist to understand that the child had been beaten. So all sessions with the boy we perform only in the presence of Anna, his sisters, so he feels safe.'

Comments (5)

The word Gypsy means nothing in this story, why do you need to ad it. I understand the concern for the well-being of the children however I don’t see why you have to mention that the captores were gypsy. Its like saying two black guys or some Jews or something stupid like that.
Yonko , Houston Texas
04/03/2023 01:29
This story seems like a hoax. Organ transplants require expensive medical equipment, and work better the healthier the organs are. You would not starve a bull meant for the butcher's block; why starve a child meant for the surgeon?
Mikko, Seinäjoki, Finland
20/10/2020 04:26
The wise man say we do not choice our destiny, it choices us. I am sure this children are destine for great things in life.
Lazar, Moscow
17/01/2016 03:45
This is an astonishing story, its like something from the middle ages!, really hard to believe that such things actually take place. I believe that the Russian people will do everything possible to help these to beautiful children to live as normal lives as possible. By the looks of him I think the "traders" & boyfriend should hope & pray that H.E Ambassador Andrei Kruto doesn't

find them!
colin, south africa
15/01/2016 15:12
Great job and congrats for your quick rescue of Anna and Timofei, Ambassador Andrei Krutko and Vice-consul Anastasia Antonova! Without your help, those two kids will still begging in the streets, and who knows what else.
It sounds as though the two children had been tortured and traumatized by their "purchasers". They look so sad in the pictures. I sure hope that with the help of psychologists such as Nikolai Ryabtsev at the rehab centre, Anna and Timofei will eventually recover from the death of their mother and their ordeal in the hands of the gypsies. I trust that Novosibirsk region governor Vladimir Gorodetsky will ensure that they will be well-cared for, and given a chance to eventually lead normal lives.
The police in Kyrgyzistan should question and charge the mother's boyfriend and their "purchasers". Human trafficking and illegal trading of human organs must be condemned and punished everywhere. Thank God for the gypsy neighbours who contacted and reported what they knew to the Russian Embassy. Such good Samaritans! May their tribe increase!
E. Espinosa, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
14/01/2016 21:17

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