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'Not to offend the jealous admirers of the Volga, but I have never in my life seen a river more splendid than the Yenisey'
A.P. Chekhov, 1890

Relatives honour Siberian-born war hero who 'loved Russia and died for Russia'

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 November 2015

Oleg Peshkov was killed when the Turkish air force downed his Su-24 over Syria as he battled terrorists.

Oleg Peshkov (left) was shot down on a mission to destroy jihadist terrorists. Picture:

The lieutenant colonel's death caused shock and revulsion in Russia and many other countries after he was shot down on a mission to destroy jihadist terrorists. Aged 45, he was born in the village of Kosikha in Altai region, southern Siberia. His younger brother Pavel, a lieutenant-colonel in the Interior Ministry troops in Novosibirsk, paid tribute to him.

'Oleg was dreaming about the sky since childhood, when he collected model planes,' he said. 

He attended DOSAAF - the Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet, a sports organisation with close links to the armed forces. He learned to parachute and became interested in flying gliders, growing up in Ust-Kamenogorsk, in Soviet Kazakhstan.

Pavel and Oleg Peshkov

Oleg Peshkov and his family

Oleg Peshkov(right) with his brother Pavel(left). Oleg Peshkov and his family. Pictures: Pavel Peshkov

'He was a role model for me in everything,' he said. 'I became a serviceman after him. After doing eight years at school he entered the Suvorov, then - Kharkov - aviation school. He travelled all over the country. He fought in Chechnya, so Syria wasn't his first fighting experience.'

The brother was flying from Novosibirsk to his dead brother's home in Lipetsk. He last spoke to Oleg on 14 November. 

'He phoned me and told me he was sent there for two months,' he said. 

He had two children, a daughter, 16, and a son, eight. 'His family still can't believe that he's dead and hope that the information that he was killed is wrong,' said one account. 

Oleg Peshkov

Oleg Peshkov

'After doing eight years at school he entered the Suvorov, then - Kharkov - aviation school.' Pictures: Vladimir Golubeikov, Novosti Ust-Kamenogorska

Relative Nina Krutoberezhnikova said: 'He went through the Chechen war. He loved Russia and died for it. May he rest in peace...' Pavel said his brother's remains were still in Syria and he did not know when the funeral would be held. 

Lt-Col Peshkov was  posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia honour by President Vladimir Putin for 'heroism, courage and bravery shown during the fulfillment of his military duties' when his Su-24 was shot down by a Turkish warplane on Tuesday. 

Oleg Peshkov was born in Kosikha, then moved to Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan) and in then to Lipetsk. Picture: The Siberian Times



Comments (17)

I, my family and friends offer our deepest condolences to the family colleagues and Russian people of the brave pilot col Oleg peshkov murdered by the Turkish government and to pass on my disgust at my own governments and those other western powers lack of condemnation against this horrific act, most decent British people support your actions against ISIL may you continue doing what you are doing once again my heartfelt sympathies
Gary Jones, Liverpool, England
29/11/2015 00:21
God bless this man and grant comfort to his family at this time
A Real American , USA
28/11/2015 06:45

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