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19 dead, 21 injured in bus crash tragedy in Trans-Baikal region

By The Siberian Times reporter
01 December 2019

Bus skidded off bridge and flipped in the air before landing on ice of river Kuenga.

There were 43 passengers on board of the bus from Srentensk to Chita when it crashed over the bridge approximately seven metres high in the middle of the day on Sunday. Picture:

Two children aged approximately two and four years old were among the victims. 

There were 43 passengers on board of the bus from Srentensk to Chita when it crashed over the bridge approximately seven metres high in the middle of the day on Sunday. 

The rescue operation continues, with five medical brigades working at the site and an emergency helicopter with surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses flying from regional capital Chita.

The wounded were taken to three hospitals in nearby towns of Shilka, Nerchinsk and Sretensk. 

Ten people said they didn’t need medical help. 

The driver killed in the crash was identified by the local media as 43 year old Sergey Kubasov. 

He was described by friends as experienced, careful and meticulous person with took great care of his bus. 

A criminal investigation into the accident has been launched. A burst tyre was named as one of the reasons that could have caused the tragedy. 

The bus went through all necessary checks before the drive,  the Trans-Baikal regional authorities said.


Comments (2)

RIP the dead. Quick and full recovery for all the injured.
But 2 Questions need to be found or answered by the relevant authorities.
who is-was- responsible to monitor the condition s on the road, including the bridge? putting out salt, reagent or sand o na slippery road?
Should an experienced and carefull driver not know that under certain conditions the road surface, special on exposed surfaces like a bridge, can become very dangerous and for sure reduce speed? Or even stop if neccessary? Was the bus equipped for these winter conditions?
Was it -so important - that the arrival schedule had to be kept, never mind the road conditions?
( for many years i was using long distance busses in ANY weather conditions. And not once but several times the drivers just stopped at a roadside cafe, telling us, he was waiting for the road crews to do their work. Never mind people had to catch a plane,train or whatever. safety came ALWAYS first. And in 25 years the company did not have one accident)
Morak Benedikt, Moscow
02/12/2019 05:19
So sad...
Jocelyne, FRANCE
01/12/2019 19:46

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