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'Siberia talking... to the world'
The Siberian Times

9km Siberian mountain workout for Putin on his 62nd birthday

By The Siberian Times reporter
09 October 2014

Location still a mystery for aching president's away-from-it-all hike.

Vladimir Putin pictured during his trip to Tyva Republic, July 2013. Picture:

'The day before yesterday was a day of walking for me. I walked in the mountains for almost 9 kilometres,' he said, opening a session of the Presidential Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport.

'Everything still hurts.'

The Kremlin said that Putin had retreated to a location 300 to 400 kilometres (190-250 miles) away from the nearest town or village, said RIA Novosti.

Despite this, he still fitted in phone conversations with foreign leaders, including Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who congratulated him on his birthday. 

A day later he appeared in Novosibirsk - where he opened a new bridge across the Ob River on Wednesday.  

Some Siberian sources speculated he was in the Altai Mountains but others believe he was in the remote southern republics of Tyva or Khakassia. 

Comments (4)

Why would you hold back anyone who is willing and able to be active regardless of age - all the more reason why he should not stop. What a great example of determination and perseverance, may his activities be promoted and inspire others to get up away from their computers and couches - especially the younger ones who are telling him to settle down. I know for a fact that he would leave me in his dust! He'd be napping by the time I caught up with him on that hike! lol well done and happy belated birthday!
Janine, Cairns, Australia
28/04/2015 15:11
Jaker: My dad at the age of 60 was still athletic and doing gymnastics, we walked for miles and never caught buses. This is the physic and mentality of those in Ukraine/Russia - they work the land until they are in their 90's.

Instead of sitting glued to the tv and poisoning their minds, eating rubbish - they are out and about. My paternal grandfather worked the land, build his own home and even rode his horses well into his 90's.

С днём рождения! President Putin
Valentyna Illyvna, Perth, Scotland
10/10/2014 12:37
Will someone tell this guy his young days are over; & that he's no longer "Superhero"!
Jaker, Dundalk
10/10/2014 09:59
Happy birthday Mr President
Hi, paris
09/10/2014 21:28

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