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American citizen deported from Siberia to New York

By The Siberian Times reporter
28 January 2014

The man was detained in Irkutsk in December during a raid to detect foreign citizens violating immigration rules.

Unnamed US citizen is sent home. Picture: Russian Federal Court Bailiffs Service

The man had no documents on him, according to the Russian Federal Court Bailiffs press service, reported ngs.ruHe was ordered to pay a fine of 2000 roubles ($57) and to leave Russia. His age and occupation were not given, and it was unclear how long he had been in Irkutsk, or why he was there. 

Siberian bailiffs stated the man also paid 270000 roubles ($7750) in alimony owed in respect of his daughter who lives with her mother in Moscow region. 

The US man was escorted to Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, from where he was deported to the US. 

The cost of his deportation was 42880 roubles ($1230) to the Russian state budget.

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"VIOLATING" Immigration rules .! A propanganda word used by all immigration bureaucrats in most countries to justify their huge public expense and their existence . BREAKING Immigration rules would be more appropriate and more truthful. Yes. he should be sent back immediately,these are the sort of people who make it so difficult for others to see the "unique wonders" of their own planet . The other punishment should be that his "reputation" be given to all foreign visa Depts around the world,hence a ban of five years of travelling from his Country of origin be applied , The crap and paperwork to travel now is almost exceeding the will of people to go anywhere.
Tourism it's a great way for a Country to show-off its culture and its beauty,plus it being a huge benefit to the country's economy. Besides it gives a Country a diverse interesting vibrant atmosphere which only foreign tourist can give, So many Countries deny this right due to myopic vision and old archaic ideologies by their Govts. yet some countries prosper by tourism alone
.I enjoyed my trips abroad and without bragging the countries I visited were better off for having me been there, and with no hesitation I became a lot wiser for having gone there. In other words it was a huge benefit to the Countries I travelled to and a huge benefit for me . Hoping Sochi will be a great success as it can only enrich the relationship between different Countries borne out and reinforced by the different nationalities that compete against each other in a manner that respects all world citizens , Patrick .

Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
30/01/2014 14:24

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