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Another doctor infected with Covid-19 after Sputnik V vaccination

By The Siberian Times reporter
12 November 2020

Virus was confirmed 5 days after the first jab, local health officials say it might be ‘coincidence’.

Volunteer medics in Kemerovo region started to get Sputnik V vaccine on 15 October. Picture: OTR TV

An unnamed doctor from the Kemerovo region caught Covid-19 within a week after getting the first dose of two-component Sputnik V vaccine. 

The doctor was one of 40 healthcare workers in the region who volunteered to get the jab. 

No age or positions of the medic were reported; but it is known that the volunteers work at Kemerovo infectious disease hospital, a blood transfusion centre and several outpatient clinics (polyclinics).

The news about the doctor’s infection was announced today during a weekly coronavirus briefing. 

‘We recorded one case of Covid-19 among medical workers after the first jab of the two-component vaccine. But the virus was detected on the fifth, sixth day after the vaccination, therefore it is impossible to say that it was directly linked to the vaccination given the incubation period. It could have been just a coincidence’, deputy head of Kuzbass Minister of Health Yelena Zelenina said.

The first 15 vaccinations were carried out in the Kemerovo region on 15 October. 

Another doctor infected with Covid-19 after Sputnik V vaccination
Volunteer medics in Kemerovo region started to get Sputnik V vaccine on 15 October. Picture: OTR TV

Separately, three medics from the Altai region contracted coronavirus after Sputnik V vaccination, local healthcare officials confirmed earlier this week. 

42 volunteer medics were vaccinated at the end of September. 

A Covid-19 test was run on all of them 24 hours prior to the vaccination, and showed negative results. 

Chief epidemiologist Irina Pereladova believes that the medics likely caught the virus within that 24 hour window between the test and the first jab.

However the regional Ministry of Health explain that the virus was caught after the vaccine was administered, and the likely reason that the medics didn’t have enough time to develop immunity before they came across Covid-19 pathogen. 

A statement read:

‘Three out of 42 doctors, who were the first to be vaccinated against coronavirus, have contracted Covid19. 

‘The vaccine developers have provided clarifications on this fact. Sputnik V is a two-component vaccine, with a person receiving the second jab three weeks after the first injection. 

‘A person is considered vaccinated and therefore protected from coronavirus only three weeks after the second vaccination, as all during this time the immunity is getting formed. 

'Likely the immunity in the sick medics who went through vaccination didn’t have time to form by the time they were exposed to Covid-19 pathogen. 

‘This could be the only reason for the medics getting infected.’

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