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'Kolchak was 'like an Englishman'-the analogy oddly recurs in an official Soviet account of the execution'
Peter Fleming, 'The Fate of Admiral Kolchak'

Baby bear battered with metal pipe in horrific attack

By The Siberian Times reporter
09 October 2014

Footage of orphaned cub leads to arrests.

'Why on earth would they do it, what made these thugs attack?' Picture: Alexey Sergeyevich

The appalling video shows a drunken man battering the bear in the unprovoked incident as his laughing friend stands watching nearby. The little bear, which had been looking for food in the woods near the Priobskoye oil field, in Khanty-Mansiysk, western Siberia, is then dragged by its collar to a car.

Two men - reported as Igor Nikitenko, 28, from Langepas but living in Sibirsky village and Ukrainian national Yuri Rysakov, 25, who has lived in Yugra since March 2013 – have been arrested and face criminal charges of cruelty to the animal.

But there is growing anger at their actions, particularly as they may only escape with a fine. The footage was uploaded to YouTube, where hundreds of people have expressed their horror at the attack.

'Why on earth would they do it?' wrote one person online. 'What made these thugs attack? There is no profit, even if they were to kill it – no fur, no meat. It was like killing a kitten'.

Baby bear battered with metal pipe in horrific attack

Yugra Police Office confirmed that a criminal case on animal cruelty has been opened. Picture: Alexey Sergeyevich 

The footage was shot by a worker who was observing two cubs that had recently lost their mother in woods near the vast oil field. The bears had grown used to people, having been tamed by workers who fed them and they even had collars around their necks.

It meant the young animals had no fear when approached, leaving them vulnerable to a potential attack like the one captured on film.

The oil worker had been filming the bears leaving woods when two men, drinking from large bottles of beer, got out of a car and approached the animals.

Encouraged by his laughing friend, one of the men picked up a 5ft-long metal pipe - so heavy he could barely lift it – and brought it down on the cub’s head as it tried to back away. The worker filming the footage is heard shouting 'What are you doing?' but fearful for his own safety chooses not to confront the louts.

The lifeless bear was then dragged along the ground by the collar to the boot of the men’s car before the video ends. It is not known if the cub was put into the car, or if it was dead, but workers say it has not been seen again.


Alexey, the man who uploaded the footage to YouTube, told the Siberian Times: 'The sickening moment was filmed when both cubs came out to eat, and one of the oil workers decided to film them eating, not expecting this drunk scumbag to do what he has done. Perhaps a maximum punishment he will get will be a fine for being violent towards animals.

'They said they had let the cub go and it got better but no one ever saw it again after that incident and now only one bear gets out to eat'.

The Priobskoye oil field occupies a vast 5,466 sq km area along the banks of the Ob River, 40 miles from the city of Khanty-Mansiysk.

Bears are common in this part of western Siberia with people often holding a special Bear Celebration after hunting expeditions.

The festivities usually last up to six days with more than 300 songs and performances, including that of Nukh Kiltatty Ar, which means the Awakening Song.

The Khanty-Mansiysk Nature Protection Watchdog said the two men had been quickly identified, while Yugra Police Office confirmed that a criminal case on animal cruelty has been opened. A police spokesperson added: 'Nikitenko came to the police and wrote a confession'. 

Comments (8)

These dirt bags are lucky i wasnt in attendanceduring this sick display of agrresio. Had i been they would of been beaten much worse with the same pipe!..... maybe even shot!
john , pekin
15/05/2015 21:50
Every animal and person should live in harmony. This is totally uncalled for. I hope mama bear finds you. She will show you how weak you really are
Ric Nanni, Lakeville, CT. USA
13/10/2014 20:57
Antonia Vassila, Greece
13/10/2014 20:11
Put them in jaill and through the kies away
Antonia Vassila, Greece
13/10/2014 20:10
Bewildered by the photographer's inaction ! No need for photos anyway,----- it only encourages these sort of sick publicity seeking morons into frenzy,uncontrollable, antisocial behaviour .


Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
11/10/2014 13:03
Someday i hope the mother nature payback them
10/10/2014 23:26
Someday i hope the mother nature payback them
10/10/2014 23:25
10/10/2014 21:37

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