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'Switzerland would fit into Tyumen region in Siberia seven times. But it doesnt't want to. '

Bear kills hunter in Irkutsk region

By The Siberian Times reporter
03 June 2014

'Aggressive' animal surprised two hunters in daylight attack, mauling one to death.

The bear remained nearby and was shot dead by a police marksman. Picture: Press Service of Main Office of the MIA in Irkutsk region

The other man escaped and rushed to the nearest village of Tonta where he sounded the alarm. Police and hunters went into the forest and found the dead 59 year old.

The bear remained nearby and was shot dead by a police marksman.

The incident - highlighted by police pictures - was the first case this year of a bear attack in Irkutsk region. 

The dead man was not named. 

Comments (4)

zizi , texas
12/06/2014 03:39
@Valentyna and del - your comments are the only 'disgusting' thing about this article. These were just ordinary poor Russians going about their business. Hunting has been a feature culturally, and from necessity out there for millennia and you certainly have no right to pronounce your self-righteous f...d up judgement on these rather unfortunate people. One hopes that one day you two may find yourselves wandering in a forest staring at the business ends of some dangerous creature's fangs/claws. Now that would be funny!
Richard Edain, Sheffield, UK
04/06/2014 22:30
No sympathy whatsoever for these hunters or any hunters. What does one expect when humans invade/encroach the wilderness - just so that they satisfy their bloodlust and hang their trophies.

Valentyna, Perth, Scotland
04/06/2014 12:03
No sympathy for hunters dying like this. It's not like they were hungry and needed to eat.
del, Hong Kong
03/06/2014 16:00

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