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Brutal murder of glamorous jewellery saleswoman in Siberian contract killing

By The Siberian Times reporter
28 February 2018

Natalia Mulikhova, 41, flew to Irkutsk with $250,000 worth of gold and gems, then unwittingly hopped into taxi with hired guns.

Natalia Mulikhova, 41, was shot and killed in the car, it is alleged. 

The saleswoman from Rostov-on-Don was seen on CCTV emerging from Irkutsk airport wearing a fur hat carrying bags containing jewellery samples. 

It was the last image of her alive. 

She took a car from the airport in Irkutsk to meet a potential business partner - not realising a man who met her was a contract killer and the driver was his accomplice, say police. 

She was shot and killed in the car, it is alleged.  

Natalia Mulikhova

Natalia Mulikhova

Natalia Mulikhova in airport

She took a car from the airport in Irkutsk to meet a potential business partner.

Her body was dumped in a black plastic bag on the frozen Angara River.

A large quantity of jewellery worth a quarter of a million dollars was stolen in the well-planned criminal operation, it is alleged.

It was Natalia’s sister who raised the alarm after she failed to respond to calls and messages over two days. 

A police video shows how the unnamed taxi driver was detained wearing only underwear in Irkutsk.

Another man who met her at Irkutsk airport was held.

Detention of killer in Irkutsk

Detention of killer in Irkutsk

Detention of organizer in Taganrog

A police video shows how the unnamed taxi driver was detained wearing only underwear in Irkutsk (top) and 35 year old resident of Taganrog (bottom).

Law enforcement also seized a third man, a courier from Natalia’s jewellery company in southern Russia, who is believed to have masterminded the alleged contract killing. 

'All three participants of the criminal conspiracy were detained,’ said a statement from the Investigative Committee. 

They are being investigated with a contract killing.

Jewellery stolen from the woman was also recovered. 

Weapon seized



Dead body in plastic bag

Two guns seized, as well as jewelry worth 14 million roubles. Natalia's dead body was  found in a plastic bag in Angara river.

'Police confiscated stolen jewellery items worth nearly 14 million roubles when they detained the executor of the murder and alleged murder tool, along with a TT with silencer.'

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk said the detained are a 42 year old resident of Ust-Kuda village in Irkutsk region, a 49 year old  taxi driver, and a 35 year old resident of Taganrog, in southern Russia,  who was escorted to Irkutsk as part oil the investigation. 

Comments (1)

scumbags. but this does not work without inside information. hope they get THAT scum as well. unfortunately one can not throw them bagged into the river. to much fuddy duddy democracy around this days. so lock them up for life. and life being life. with no chance of a parol. or early release for good behavior. on top of it let them WORK. HARD work. so they fall asleep every night from fatigue. and have no time to think of other things.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
28/02/2018 21:55

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