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'Dancing in light, shimmering.. like a giant diorama made from mother-of-pearl… was Lake Baikal'
Mike Carter, The Observer, 2009

Distressing shooting of bear swimming in Lake Baikal by ‘tourists’ prompts check by prosecutors

By The Siberian Times reporter
04 August 2020

The predator ran along the shore then swam out towards the boat, but posed no threat when killed with a single rifle shot to the head.

While the animal swam towards the boat it was not posing a threat to the men in the vessel who neglected to move away from the bear. Video: social media

A video (edited below by The Siberian Times not to include the moment of shooting) showing the wild brown bear slaughtered in the world’s deepest lake is under investigation by the Baikal Interregional Environmental Prosecutor's Office.

The Zabaybalsky National Park, on the lake’s eastern shore, is also conducting an investigation.

While the animal swam towards the boat it was not posing a threat to the men in the vessel who neglected to move away from the bear.

The boat slowed to let the bear come closer.

It turned to allow the shooting at close range.

‘Looking at the video, it is quite obvious that they chased the bear and killed it on purpose,’ said a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office. 

‘It is likely that this was a planned action.’

Prosecutors are seeking to identify the ‘tourists’ in the boat including the shooter and the person filming the video. 

The people evidently had no authority to shoot the bear inside a national park. 

The incident is believed to be at Chivyrkuisky Bay.

Comments (10)

Any update about these fckers??
Gabriel, Budapest
09/08/2020 19:17
Unglaublich! Hoffentlich kommt es zu einer nachhaltigen Verurteilung der Mörder.

Alex, Deutschland
08/08/2020 14:59
Disguisting humans! Terrible idiots.
Maria, Stockholm
07/08/2020 22:41
idiot disgusting peoples
gregory, hungary
07/08/2020 22:37
why do people do this?
Andrew, Poland
07/08/2020 03:53
So cruel. These people are lower than scum. Apprehend and jail them!
SteveC, Ocala FL USA
07/08/2020 01:27
Disgusting !!!........!Why ???
Jocelyne, FRANCE
06/08/2020 15:10
Such a cowardly act. Harassing a bear with the boat and then shooting it for no reason. Waste of a beautiful creature. I hope they find these idiots and serve out some harsh justice.
Brian Erdrich, Anchorage, Alaska
05/08/2020 10:31
Heartbreaking and tragic end for this poor bear who was simply runnung away in fear and trying to escape from it's killers.

The video clearly shows the one perpetrator signalling to the shore where the poor creature had no way out... So the planned chase and man hunt could be carried out.

Hopefuuly they'll receive maximum punishment for their crime.
Anonymous, Switzerland
05/08/2020 00:19
Hope they catch them!
Lioba Multer, Florence, OR
04/08/2020 23:39

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