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Expelling a female student for wearing a hijab at Krasnoyarsk medical university was 'unlawful'

By The Siberian Times reporter
04 April 2013

The unnamed third year student from Dagestan was excluded for wearing a headscarf against the university's rules.

Expelling a female student for wearing a hijab at Krasnoyarsk medical university was 'unlawful'. Picture: Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

But now prosecutors have said it was against Russian education law to ban students wearing clothing linked to their faith. 

Prosecutor's aide Yelena Pimonenko explained to RIA Novosti that officials of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University are believed to have acted because she did not wear a medical cap. However, this was not listed as the official reason for the expulsion. 

'If proved in the appeal, it could serve as a lawful pretext for the school's decision; otherwise it will have to reinstate the student,' said the news agency.

The university has ten days to appeal. 

Meanwhile, an agreement had been brokered with the leader of Krasnoyarsk's Dagestani diaspora that the expelled student would be reinstated in September, though she would have to restart her third year of studies and agree not to wear the hijab to school.

The university has declined to comment.

Comments (2)

You should provide evidence as to how wearing a headscarf may result in bad hygiene or promote danger to the wearer or those around the wearer. I think it is extreme to expel one for wearing a head-covering especially with no legitimate reason; it's just discrimination. As for the burqa, it's a traditional garment and not a part of religion, however, it is a choice for the wearer and that choice should be respected nonetheless.
Hannah Frank, Australia
04/06/2015 14:59
They were right - there should be no exception to wearing acceptable clothes for work in any field where hygiene or safety is an issue. In a local pharmacy there was a new assistant completely covered up in an embroidered tent with only her eyes peeking out. It was neither hygenic nor safe. There were so many objections by customers that after a few weeks she left. This attire is not part of religion, it is an imposed custom of certain countries who treat women as second class citizens, and there is no reason why more civilized countries should accept it.
Hev, Lincoln, UK
22/04/2013 23:35

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