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Explosives lab in residential building raided by FSB officers

By The Siberian Times reporter
18 December 2012

Posing as buyers, security service agents purchased 13 kilograms of deadly explosives - packed in briquettes - around 68,000 roubles - or $2000.

It was not reported how many people lived in close proximity to the explosives lab in the same apartment block. Picture of Sosnovoborovsk,

The secret and illegal laboratory was in a block of flats in Sosnovoborsk, 50 km from the city of Krasnoyarsk, said a spokesman for the Federal Security Service (FSB). The criminals were ready to sell the explosives to terrorists, it was reported. 

The partner and child of one of the arrested men lived in the same apartment despite the deadly danger.

'Security officers were amazed by cynicism of the organizers as they were ready to sell explosives even to terrorist groups,' reported Itar-Tass. 

The mastermind of the sinister laboratory was on drugs. An accomplice had six criminal records for various crimes. 

The FSB said that criminal proceedings have been started. It was not reported how many people lived in close proximity to the explosives laboratory in the same apartment block.

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