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'I love Siberian women, they are incredible'
French actress Carole Bouquet, 2014

Facebook unpublishes The Siberian Times page, again

By The Siberian Times
26 December 2019

We firmly believe we haven’t violated any rules. Please support us via FB appeal centre.

The top image of a starving polar bear walking across a busy street in Norilsk is included in TIME's annual Top 100 Photos. The pic was taken in June 2019. Now the bear is fine thanks to efforts of Royev Ruchei park's team and its director Andrey Gorban 

Dear Team Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO), Sir Nick Clegg (Vice-President for Global Affairs and Communications),

Happy Boxing Day to those of you who celebrate it. 

The Siberian Times page on Facebook was unpublished two days ago on Christmas Eve. 

We were told that the page had 'violated a community rule’, but there was not a word to say which one. 

We are sincerely at a loss to understand which rule we could have violated. 

IF we have, we are ready to fix the problem, if only we can be informed what it is. 

We are tiny entirely independent media, and while our Facebook audience is small - but growing - we treasure each and every person who reads us via your platform. 

Please will you reconsider. 

Thank you,

Team The Siberian Times

Comments (24)

I was wondering why I hadn't seen any Facebook posts from Siberian Times recently - now I find that Facebook has taken it down. As one who has had Facebook take down indivdual posts fpr no good reason, I sympathise. I'm also extremely angry and sad; I loved seeing your posts, which were always both informative and fascinating. Facebook should be thoroughly ashamed of itself.
Ann Williams, United Kingdom
24/06/2020 21:51
Why was this taken off facebook!!! Loved seeing Siberia and it's natural wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Lucht, Corona, California United States
12/04/2020 19:25
I hope that Facebook will reconsider. I so appreciate the peaceful and lovely images and information of this beautiful part of the world as brought to me by The Siberian Times.
Ulrike Schnabel , Queensland Australia
27/02/2020 07:16
Very disappointed I can't get you on Facebook.I love your photos and articles.

Just received the fantastic Christmas card.thank you.
Stuart Gooch, United Kingdom
02/02/2020 20:05
Facebook insults with impunity. Contemptible half assed group of biased censors.
Tess Lawrence, Orlando. florida
15/01/2020 22:35
I have never seen anything on this page other than beautiful photos of wildlife and amazing scenery.
Avril, Ireland
13/01/2020 15:36
algorithms gone mad again? i can visit white supremacist nazi pages on fb , but not siberian times ? good grief.fix you software its an embarrassment fb. last week you blocked scottish history. what next?
tipaton, canada
06/01/2020 12:16
Siberian Times is a fine newspaper.
Facebook is a sorry excuse for a social media site.
Kevin Guernier, USA
05/01/2020 00:50
I immediately missed seeing The Siberian Times Facebook Page when it was removed. I'm REALLY not understanding why the page was removed while obscene and hate-filled pages are allowed.
Rose Panieri, Chicago, Illinois
04/01/2020 07:25
The Siberian Times is one of my most treasured FB pages. I think of all the unintelligible garbage that is accepted by FB, and I am truly stymied! And also very concerned. The need for humanity to come together across the planet is dire (and I'm sure I don't have to explain that one for anyone who is even minutely aware). The Siberian Times offers not only a forum for cultural awareness, but also for heartful sharing. Get a grip Facebook!
Margaret, Toronto, Canada
04/01/2020 06:37
Ugo, Milan
03/01/2020 02:34
For what reason can we not follow Siberian Times on Facebook? I simply do not understand why. I certainly like to see things of a part of the world so far away from me.
Jette Vistisen, Herning, Denmark
01/01/2020 22:31
You just keep on doing what you do. F* Facebook. Your stories are interesting, different, heart-touching.
David Romera, Valladolid, Spain
29/12/2019 13:46
What is the appeal center? How do I find it? I'd support you but not sure how to help.
LJB, Chicago/United States
29/12/2019 08:13
The thing is you cannot tell the truth, FB like so much of the left only want storys that suit them, never the truth
Alex, Sweden
28/12/2019 23:23

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