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'The shortest Russian street is in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia: 40 metres long, its only got three buildings'
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Ghostly woman walks slowly along Road of Bones

By The Siberian Times reporter
20 April 2018

Mysterious figure refuses lifts or help as she trudges her way ‘to Kamchatka’.

The woman refuses offers of lifts on one of the world’s loneliest routes. Picture: CrimYakutia

The lonely soul has been seen for months walking along the Road of Bones towards Magadan in the far east of Russia. 

She was walking even in the extreme winter cold. 

The woman refuses offers of lifts on one of the world’s loneliest routes, originally built on the bones of tens of thousands of Gulag prisoners who perished as they were forced to construct a road to Stalin’s political prisoner camps. 

Nor, it seems, does she try to contact people on the way. 

Some say her name is Luidmila, others that she came originally from Kazakhstan.

She has ‘Slavik appearance’.

Map of the Kolyma motorway

Kolyma federal highway. 

She was seen in the village of Khandyga in January when locals heard she was heading for Kamchatka, the peninsula jutting into the Pacific on Russia’s eastern coast. 

A post in CrimYakutia online community reads: 'A woman is walking along Kolyma federal highway.

‘She doesn't contact anyone, and doesn't respond to offers to give her a lift in any way.’

Police do not try to pick her up because ‘she hasn’t stolen anything’.

Most users are concerned about her life and believe the traveller should be assisted.

Kolyma federal highway also known as the Road of Bones. Pictures: Bolshoy

Road Kolyma

Kolyma Road

Kolyma Road

Comments (12)

She is a ghost that needs to lose some weight to get into heaven.
Jimmy Talance, Alberta
25/04/2018 19:10
She was traveling with her husband and he was drunk and fighting with her. She had enough and got out and started walking. She refused a ride because she is hoping he sobers up and comes back for her. She is sad, angry, tired...... but not a ghost.
Cody, USA
25/04/2018 07:24
She is not human.

Spirit of Siberia.
Princess Giulietta D' Este, Italy and Siberia
23/04/2018 18:35
If 'real' a Human could not survive without equipment, food. Therefore, if 'real'. this is not a Human but is a Spirit Being who has taken on a Human form. Ridicule is always welcome. Спасибо.
Bruce Ripley, Duluth MN США
23/04/2018 10:31
I have my doubts. It's a stunt. She's not equipped for being out on that road, period. You'd need a back pack for supplies minimum because it can be many days walk between villages. You can sleep in a long coat but you need a means to make a shelter.
Al, Seattle
23/04/2018 07:46
It's Really Amazing
Borhan Uddin Chowdhury, Chittagong,Bangladesh
22/04/2018 17:51
Maybe someone very close to her is buried under that road. The period of time caused unspeakable grief.
Oleg, Novosibirsk
22/04/2018 17:30
Apparently, she is just out for a walk.
Doc, USA
22/04/2018 09:39
@ Benedikt, we didn't receive your comment
Alexander, The Siberian Times,
21/04/2018 21:28
wonder what happened to my comment? nothing rude,explicit or things my mother in law could not read. also the control code was correct. or at least i got no return...
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
21/04/2018 21:25
A curious tale indeed. From the accompanying picture this mysterious lone traveller appears to be carrying no baggage that would need to contain any provisions for such a challenging trek in extreme sub zero temperatures. Where is she eating ? or sleeping at night ? If this story is true, all I can add is to wish her good luck.
Simon Robinson, Blackburn, England
21/04/2018 17:27
It’s surreal!
Majid, Kazakhstan
20/04/2018 20:08

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