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Hate turns to hay for irate social network user

By The Siberian Times reporter
07 June 2014

Siberian woman sets fire to large haystack in revenge for being blocked on web.

'If the women is found guilty of the arson, the toughest punishment she might serve is five years in jail'. Picture: Trans-Baikal region police

The female friends in a Transbaikal village fell out over a social network argument. The villager went to her friend's yard and set on fire a giant haystack in her fury at being unfriended. And now she faces up to five years in jail for her social network rage. 

The act of revenge did not even hit the right target. The haystack didn't belong to her former friend. 

Konstantin Podoprigora, deputy head of the regional prosecutors office, explained: 'The offended woman was banned by her friend in a popular social network.

'She was put on a black list after an earlier argument. That got her even more offended to the extent that she decided to revenge. 

'She got to her friend's house, set a stack of hay on fire and ran away.  

'The revenge hasn't actually worked because it was somebody else's hay left in her friend's yard.

'The losses were significant to the owner of the hay. 

'The Transbaikal prosecutors initiated an arson case and sent documents to the court. If the women is found guilty of the arson, the toughest punishment she might serve is five years in jail, according to clause 167 of the Russian Criminal Code'. 


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