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Here we go again - first state of emergency of new wildfire season

By The Siberian Times reporter
03 April 2017

Inferno spreads across 2,000 acres in TransBaikal region.

First state of emergency of new wildfire season. Picture: alexei2282

Within five hours today, the area swept by the raging fires expanded by one and a half times, reaching more than 2,000 hectares. 

The weather in the Siberian region is dry, warm and windy. 

The local Ministry of Natural Resources reported 20 epicentres of wildfires.

323 firefighters were involved, and 66 units of equipmentdeployed to stop the fires. 

A state of emergency was declared in Chitinsky and Khiloksky districts of the region.

Siberia is annually hit by wildfires which destroy swathes of forest. Pictures: alexei2282, michael101063,

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I was posting on FB about this climate crisis issue TWO YEARS AGO! What has to be done to wake up the public? Extracting and burningg fossil energy sources is ruining our future. The vision is hell on earth!
E. Daniel Ayres, United States
18/04/2017 20:06

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