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'That time Barnaul was undoubtedly the most cultural corner of Siberia. I named it Siberian Athens'
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Horrific animal cruelty as man pours water over a dog so it freezes to death encased in ice

By The Siberian Times reporter
27 November 2017

Loyal pet was freed but sadly died after being rushed to the vet by animal activists after suffering hypothermia in minus 32C.

'Today he lets his dog die next to his house, and tomorrow the same may happen to his children.' Picture: Vkontakte

The cruel owner in Yakutsk, the world's coldest, evidently wanted to get rid of the female one year old dog. The heartrending video shows the appalling cruelty of his treatment of the animal. 

Neighbours altered activists to the whimpering dog, frozen to the floor of its outside kennel, on one of the coldest days of the year in Yakutsk, the regional capital. 

Volunteers managed to free the poor animal and rush it to the vet, but he was unable to save the one year old, and gave it an injection to end its misery.

A female volunteer said: 'The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying? 

Dog in the kennel

Dog in the kennel

'The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying?' Pictures: Vkontakte

'The dog had exactly the same eyes, understanding everything, just unable to explain.'

The activists have demanded action against the unnamed man, with a petition signed by 10,000 people. 

'It's one thing is when your dog dies, but this man has many children,' said a volunteer. 

'Today he lets his dog die next to his house, and tomorrow the same may happen to his children.'

The activists are also complaining about alleged police inaction over the case, and a policy of the local mayor to clean up city by exterminating strays.

Now an MP in Moscow, Sergey Boyarsky, has taken up the case calling for a prosecution of the owner. 

Comments (96)

That evil basturd should experience the same cruelty he forced on that poor innocent dog,may it's spirit find peace in the universe. I'm so angry after reading this!!!!!
Dee Ko, Boston, usa
28/11/2017 01:05
I will also never forget this precious animal's eyes. Thank you so much to everyone who took action. We can stop this from happening if we all keep taking action. I agree with everyone's comments.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
27/11/2017 23:22
The man who did this needs to feel the same pain and punishment the animal endured. Nobody has a right to treat a defenceless animal in such a way. Hope the man is forever plagued by illness
carole, UK
27/11/2017 22:03
prosecute this individual
heartless cruelty
the animal suffered horribly
Maureen Phinney, Richmond VA USA
27/11/2017 21:33
I hope the MP Mr Boryasky succeeds in getting this horrible man before a court and that the owner is severely punished. Such wickedness has no place in any civilised country.
kevin bacon, England
27/11/2017 19:38
WHY ???? I hope Putin actually reads and comes to know about this story - let the owner suffer...
Jason Goldsmith, Padstow, UK
27/11/2017 18:40

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