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Large wildfires and major flooding as Siberia faces a spring that's both dry and wet

By The Siberian Times reporter
21 April 2017

Many regions are burning while in the west the problem is snow melt water in the Ob, the world's 7th longest river.

Wildfires and major flooding. Picture: Emergency Ministry

Rising temperatures and strong winds are fuelling an increase in wildfires, as highlighted in these dramatic pictures. 

Worst-hit regions in the coming days are expected to be TransBaikal, Kemerovo region and Omsk along with the Republic of Buryatia. 

Space monitoring spotted 23 'hot spots' across 6,800 hectares.

Space monitoring spotted 23 'hot spots'. Pictures: Emergency Ministry, Vesti

Many were sparked by the illegal burning of hay, an annual problem.

But peat fires in Buryatia are posing a serious threat, says Greenpeace, which claims the authorities are turning a blind eye. 

Alexey Yaroshenko, head of the forestry department at the campaigning group, said:  'Large wildfires in drained peat bogs are active again in the Kabansky district of Buryatia. 

'The largest wildfire covers, according to preliminary information, about 500 hectares in a peat bog close to Bolshaya Rechka village.

'Smaller wildfires have been registered by systems of remote monitoring, also in the delta of Selenga River as well as on drained peat bogs close to Seleginsk.'

With no rain due, and a hot summer in prospect, this will lead to worsening fires and 'create a life and health threat to people' and pose problems for transport. 

In Irkutsk, fires are being blamed on setting fire to dry grass and last year's garbage, after which the blazes become out of control.

TransBaikal had five wildfires on Friday morning, and there were four in Khabarovsk. 

In Irkutsk, fires are being blamed on setting fire to dry grass. Pictures: Irk ru

Further west the problem was excess water. 

A village in Novosibirsk region was reported to be submerged. 

Private houses close to the Ob have been hit by rising water levels, as shown in the pictures. 

Some residents were building makeshift dams to protect their homes. 

Private houses close to the Ob have been hit by rising water levels. Pictures: Alexander Oshchepkov, 12 kanal

For now Novosibirsk region is affected by the rising water levels. 

In Omsk region, a new road collapsed and villagers in Saratovo were left marooned for several days with food shortages.

Comments (4)

Hi Jaker, Sergei and ED. Thank you for your perspectives and thank you ED for posting the Audit findings with US data. We need all the help we can get here in the US to get Americans to stop falling for the "foreign enemy of the moment" propaganda and instead to demand the US government actually address US issues (and hypocrisies). Thank you to everyone helping to do that. I also hope that the Russian government will focus on helping the people of Russia certainly.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
23/04/2017 08:37
Jaker, Dundalk - Take care of your affairs and your country. Do not need to teach other countries how to live.

stay away from Syria and other countries that you do not like

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service reports that as of September 2014, there were around 46.5 million individual food stamp recipients (22.7 million households).

While the Department of Defense can’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer funds, in 2014 there were 47 million people, including over 15 million children, living in poverty in the U.S. – %15 of the U.S. population, which is the largest total number in poverty since records began being kept 52 years ago.

ED, Russia
22/04/2017 20:58
Jaker, the military is at the border in case crazy Kim starts shooting his missiles everywhere, including at Russia. A North Korean missile already flew at Vladivostok, "by accident" and fell near the city, a few years ago. Russian military will not allow NK to put their people's safety at risk like that every again with their idiotic publicity antics... Any missiles they shoot that fly in Russia's direction will be shot down, period.
Sergei, Here, There, Everywhere
22/04/2017 08:46
Putin...Siberia needs you & what are you doing? Seems you're rolling tanks, artillery & rockets to the Russian border alongside North Korea. I didn't know they asked you for help in fighting their war against America or others. Time you stopped being a useless President for your people & rolled up your sleeves. Let Assad & Kim Jong-un fight their own wars. No use you trying to rule the world, when you ignore the most important bit of it concerning you & that's is "Russia".
Jaker, Dundalk
22/04/2017 00:46

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