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Meet the Ladaborghini - and an extremely cool Mercedes Gelandewagen made of ice

By The Siberian Times reporter
31 January 2018

Siberians adapt trademark cars to local conditions, with intriguing results…

Head of Garazh54 Vladislac Barashenkov: 'This is a magic car.' Picture: Garazh 54

Aydar Bakiyev, from Russia’s gas capital Novy Urengoy, didn’t have enough money for a Lamborghini, so he gave his Lada a makeover instead. 

Meanwhile in Novosibirsk we can see the coolest - and coldest - G-wagen in the world.

This luxurious off-roader - constructed from 6 tons of ice - was put together by the experimental car tuning wizards at Garazh 54 in two weeks. 



First, the tuning wizards made a frame basing on Soviet-era UAZ jeep. Pictures: Garazh 54

From the outside it is identical to the Gelandewagen except that it is made of pure frozen Siberian water.

And it actually drives, fitted with the engine of a Soviet-era UAZ jeep. 

Head of Garazh54 Vladislac Barashenkov explained: 'This is a magic car.

Ice cutting

Ice cutting

Ice cutting

This luxurious off-roader was constructed from 6 tons of ice. Pictures: Garazh 54

'You can sit in it and drive.

'We have installed very cool lights too…. 

'We have not driven it a lot, but just brought it to Central Park (in Novosibirsk).

'We were given permission to drive it in the park - so we did.’

Finished car

Finished and glowing

First drive in the Central Park. Pictures: Garazh 54

Back in Novy Urengoy, Bakiyev explained: 'From childhood I wanted my future car to stand out from the crowd - and for the doors to open upwards.

'Of course, I didn't have enough money to buy a Lamborghini, so  I decided to revamp my first car.'

He has made some amendments to his VAZ-2113, a Lada coupe with three doors.

Many locals stop him and ask to take pictures of his Lada-borghini.


Aydar Bakiyev, from Russia’s gas capital Novy Urengoy, didn’t have enough money for a Lamborghini, so he gave his Lada a makeover instead. Picture: Aydar Bakiyev

Or he is asked by other Lada-owners to convert their cars. 

Yet some reason the traffic police were not impressed and ordered him to return it to its original state by 5 July. 

He plans to sell it instead. 

‘My daughter was born, so we need a bigger cry,’ he said.

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姚剑申, 巨鹿/中国
01/02/2018 05:40
Good work
Excellente visibilité !!
Jocelyne, FRANCE
01/02/2018 04:37
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
31/01/2018 22:51

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