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Miracle escape from St Petersburg terror explosion for Siberian teenager

By The Siberian Times reporter
05 April 2017

Alexandra Zyablitskaya, 15, and her grandmother climbed alive from bombed carriage

Siberian teenager miraculously survived. Picture: The Siberian Times

The talented young artist from Barnaul was found unconscious with her hair on fire by her granny Vera, 58, in the seconds after the appalling attack.

The pair had been visiting graphic design colleges when they took a ride on the metro train that was struck by suicide bomber Akbarzhon Dzhalilov.

'We entered the carriage, and a few seconds later there was an explosion,' said Vera.

'I was thrown away from her by the blast. 

'When I finally found her, Sasha (Alexandra) showed no sign of life. 

The young artist from Barnaul was found unconscious. Pictures: The Siberian Times

'Her hair was burning, mine was too.

'I extinguished the flames as well as I could. 

'After a few minutes my granddaughter finally responded. 

'I closed her eyes with my hands so that she would not see what was happening close by.' 

Grandmother climbed alive from bombed carriage. Pictures: The Siberian Times

All around were the dead and dying, mangled and maimed bodies, smoke and flames.

'I saw how one body was just torn to pieces,' she said. 

'Well done to the driver, he did not stop or slow down although the carriage was swinging in all directions.

'Suddenly we saw the light, the train stopped. 

'We had to leave through a broken window. 

'Now I understand that we managed to survive only because we were sitting down when the blast came. 

'Those who were standing in the carriage  were killed.

'I saw how rescuers carried out on stretchers the victims.  It was a hideous picture.'

Vera was taken to a separate hospital to her granddaughter. 

'I had to refuse (treatment for myself), I could not leave her alone, and I went to find her.'

The young artist suffererd concussion, burns on her arm, and a ruptured membrane.

It is not yet clear if she will need surgery.

Alexandra's grandfather Sergey Zyablitsky. Pictures: The Siberian Times

Alexandra's grandfather Sergey Zyablitsky, 61, said: 'Vera was thrown back by the explosion.

'In the darkness, she found her unconscious granddaughter, and extinguished her burning hair. 

'Then she passed Sasha to young people who helped to take away the injured through the doors of the carriage which were twisted by the explosion.'

The girl's frantic mother Nadezhda was unable to reach her relatives by phone, and feared the worst. 

Alexandra's mother Nadezda Zyablitskaya. Pictures: The Siberian Times

'My mother finally called me back herself,' she said.

'I heard ambulance sounds in the background, and the trembling voice of my mother 'We are alive, we are on the way to the hospital.'

'It was enough for me in the first moment.'

Comments (1)

Hope you all continue to mend and are able to have this horror put behind you the anger of some people will continue to plague our world but will not make us like them ever love your graphics especially the deer . . . I was fortunate to visit your Beautiful city of St Petersburg to say thank you in person for all your wonderful contributions during WW2 which made the ending of that horrible conflict successfully Thank you all again for that massive loss you all went through then too
Patricia Gotharf, Laguna Woods CA USA
05/04/2017 22:20

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