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Mug shots of money mugs to appear on beer mug coasters

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 January 2013

Debters and tax cheats face new attack in Siberia with a scheme to humiliate them in pubs and restaurants.

Bailiffs across Siberia are always looking for exciting new ways to make people pay - recently they took possession of two blow up sex dolls in Chita in lieu of payment

Their faces will be printed on beer mug coasters with the aim of embarrassing them into paying the money they owe. The plan in Krasnoyarsk follows other innovative moves in Siberia to coax persistent debtors into paying. 

'We have already tested this practice when we put the pictures of debtors in the newspapers with explanations of their debts, and asked local residents to report on the whereabouts of these wanted persons,' explained Natalia Fomina, spokeswoman for the Federal Bailiff Service. 

'People respond, they call us and help us. We hope that this experiment with beer coasters will bring positive results as well.'

The names of the non-paying 'mugs' will appear too on the beer mug coasters. 

Bailiffs across Siberia are always looking for exciting new ways to make people pay.

Recently they took possession of two blow up sex dolls in Chita in lieu of payment.  

'The bailiffs agreed to take the synthetic women and put them up for sale,' explained one report. 

Bailiffs also obtained many other items from debt dodgers which they sold to recover money. Among them - metal doors, dog clothes, human underpants, felt boots, a variety of domestic animals from dachshunds and Persian cats to pigs and cows, a cache of bananas and even a helicopter.

Comments (2)

It's one step further than what the Uk is currently doing, thought it isn't far behind. This is criminal. It's not everyones business to know who isn't up to date with their tax. Will we see the faces of those oligarchs whose money is filtered through tax avoidance schemes ? No of course not. This is a classic British tactic, turn working class people against other working class people. It's disgusting. Whoever dreamt of introducing this to Siberia should be forced to eat McDonalds food for the remainder of their life as punishment.
Mao Oliver-Semenov, Krasnoyarsk
27/01/2013 06:18
glorious privacy intrusion. mad
Max, Switzerland
26/01/2013 23:25

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