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One boy 'froze to death', two suffered severe frostbite, on way to Mother's Day party rehearsal

By The Siberian Times reporter
02 December 2014

Tragedy as teens walked in biting cold rather than wait for bus.

It was close to morning when the officers found the boys in the woods. Picture: file image from Norilsk photographers' community

After school finished on Saturday, the three boys - brothers Yegor, 13, Vladimir, 14, and their friend Anton 16 - decided to walk in in minus 33C to perform in the practice for a Mother's Day celebration in their village of Shaloty, in Irkutsk region. The distance from their school to the village is 10 kilometres but they got lost in a heavy snowstorm.

Teachers reported the boys missing from the bus and began a search. But it was only at midnight that the police were called in, and started a massive hunt. 

It was close to morning when the officers found the boys in the woods. They had tried to huddle together for warmth. 

'I woke up, Yegor was not breathing, and Anton went out somewhere', said grieving Vladimir.

Yegor died from hypothermia, said medical staff. The two other boys suffered severe frostbite of the hands and feet. They were taken to the district hospital.

Andrey Shtedriev, in charge of their treatment at the City Clinical Hospital in Irkutsk, said: 'The teenagers are in a state of moderate severity. 

'Their life is not in danger now. However, it us too early to tell the effects of frostbite.'

Russia marked Mother's Day on 30 November. Officials did not release the full names of the boys.

Comments (6)

Some times nature & life is very unfair...may he that perished rest in peace...may the other two boys recover as best as is possible. Condolences to the dead boys family, & my prayers.
jojnjo, Dublin
04/12/2014 10:53
So so sorry
diane, USA
04/12/2014 05:44
diane king, USA
04/12/2014 05:43
TRAGEDY there are no other words to explain it, A decison with disatrous results but with good intentions.
No-one is to blame. Sincerest Condolences to Yegor's family, and I hope his two other mates will not except any blame for his death, As a true mate he would want you both to carry on and enjoy life to the full. The friends you have when young are always remembered, Yegor will never be forgotten.
03/12/2014 19:34
I send my condolences to the familyes
john, finland
02/12/2014 22:41
What a terrible misfortune, my prayers are with their families and for their dear children's souls.
frances, usa
02/12/2014 19:02

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