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Siberians express horror over the terrorist attack in Paris

By Anna Liesowska
10 January 2015

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.

Daria (16) and Veronica (17), schoolgirls. Picture: The Siberian Times

A vox pop in downtown Novosibirsk by The Siberian Times found a surprising number of people ignorant over the murderous attack in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo attack by Islamic militants. Yet of those who knew the details of the horror, almost all we spoke to - close to the Lenin statue in Siberia's largest city - were outraged by the Charlie Hebdo slayings.

Daria, 16, a schoolgirl, said: 'This was the act of pure cruelty. I don't understand why those people killed cartoonists, what purpose did it serve, who did it help? I think that people are free to express their opinion, they should not be killed for it'. 

Her friend Veronica, 17, said the attack was 'something beyond evil'. 

Alexander, 22, an engineering student, said: 'This is shocking, disgusting, I am outraged. It is absolutely not acceptable in civilised society. My condolences to the relatives of the victims and I wish recovery to the injured. The actions of terrorists have absolutely no excuse'.  

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.
Mikhail (21) and Alexandra (21), students. Picture: The Siberian Times

Another student, Mikhail, 21, said: 'I am unambiguously negative about this. I believe that religion and religious people have no right to determine what a free media should publish or should not publish. 

'They don't have a right to limit freedom of speech, freedom of expression. I've heard that some Russians say that French cartoonists deserved it, and I totally disagree. This should not have happened'. 

Irina, 26, a lawyer and mother-of-one, said: 'It was horrible, there is no other way I could see what happened. I don't support terrorism, and I don't think anyone in his mind can support it. There is no justification for it and it simply should not have happened'. 

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.
Anna, 31, a reporter and Alexander, 35, a software specialist. Pictures: The Siberian Times

A number of people declined to comment because they had not heard about the terrorist attack, even though it was covered on Russian TV news and the Russian government, led by President Vladimir Putin, unequivocally condemned the actions of terrorists in Paris. 

Evgeny Antropov, 31, Curator of the Oral History Centre, in Novosibirsk, said: 'I've heard about this tragedy, of course. I wonder why so many people in Siberia still do not know about this? It's just pointless, blatant cruelty. These terrorists had no right to do this. 

'I am outraged and I think there are no arguments to justify this. At the same time, I research the local ethnic communities and the behaviour of these communities in the cities. I think that for all of us this is a moment to pause and think and try to analyze what happened, as there is a strong feeling that something is going wrong'. 

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.
Irina, 26, a lawyer. Picture: The Siberian Times

Anna Ledovskikh, 31, a journalist, said: 'My condolences to the relatives of victims and a speedy recovery to the injured. 

'There is no justification for such actions. Terrorism is an absolute evil, regardless of the country and religion. It has no logic, no reasons and we must fight with it or at least not turn a blind eye. We should not divide terrorism into 'good' and 'bad', as it is bad and unacceptable in any form'. 

Alexander, 35, a software specialist, added: 'I'm shocked as this was an act of clearly unstable people, and this was not about religion or hurt religious feelings. This was madness and I condemn it'. 

Vera Ivanovna, 65, who worked in the defence industry and declined to be pictured, said: 'My attitude is negative, of course.  Terrorism has no nationality and no excuses. Journalists are always in danger, they are always a target. My mother worked in 'Sovetskaya Sibir' newspaper and I know what it is to be a journalist.

'What happened in France is a terrible tragedy, my sincere condolences go to relatives'. 

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.

Support for the French people after the brutal killings of innocent people.
Evgeny, 31, and Alexander, 22. Pictures: The Siberian Times

Siberians spoke after the Russian government called on the West to co-operate to defeat the global terrorist threat in the wake of the French outrage.

The French attack follows Western sanctions on Russia linked to the Ukraine crisis. Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: 'We are convinced that fight with terrorism is not possible without cooperation of many sides. There is not country which can fight this evil on its own'.

Senior Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova emphasised: 'The tragedy in Paris is a serious reason for realising that the fight against international terrorism requires permanent, uninterrupted collective efforts by the world community regardless of the political climate'.

She warned that the scale of the threat means 'the solution cannot be postponed until better days' otherwise it would not happen.

The influential chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament, Alexei Pushkov, insisted: 'The tragedy in Paris has demonstrated that it is not Russia that threatens Europe and its security. This is a bluff. The real threat comes from the adherents of terrorism. It is a fact'.

Comments (6)

La sympathie témoignée par votre peuple au nôtre annonce certainement qu'un jour prochain nous avons de bonnes chances d'être du même côté de la barricade. Merci à Lavrov.
Jean Bourdil, Montréal de l'Aude, France.
13/01/2015 22:56
As tweeted, Great to see russian people showing the world their sadness and sorrow towards the victims also to their families and the whole French Nation. СПАСИБО

Patrick Travers, Perth WA
10/01/2015 18:35
These young Siberian people gives me hope that the future of Russia & the world is in good hands. This was a dastardly act by people who use their own warped version of the Muslim religion as an excuse to kill & maim innocent people anywhere they can, even those who have no weapons except the pencils & pens they draw with. They are nothing but feral thug cowards, & offer the world or their version of God nothing back but pain & suffering. i hope their God show them the way to "Hell" when they departed this world after their comeuppance at the hands of the French security forces. I have no feelings for them, because they were devoid of any feeling for those they killed, especially the police who was wounded first & then they went back to shot him "Dead". He was one of them, a "Muslim".

Condolences to all the victims & family's & speedy recovery for all those who were in harms way.
Jaker, Dundalk.
10/01/2015 10:52
I guess it is "non Je Suis CHARLIE" as far as freedom of expression here. right Vladimir.
10/01/2015 09:38
Why bad things happen to good people and thats princply the issue here. One can take there position that humans cannot understand and just have to accept presence of evil in the world as the will of God. Another explanation that not necessarily contradict there first. That free will cannot exist without the possibility of evil-since humans have choice, some choice to be hurtful to others. Having given the gift of free will God allows evil to exist but provides universe with laws that eventually school souls to learn love. That such lessons in love might require many life times reincarnation terms exemplifies the patience of God. If evil is the result of misdirected human free will, then suffering can be viewed as the reward of sin in theological terms, as long as the evil who suffer for the sin we see it as justice and we are content with such adjust universe. The problem of evil can be distinguished certain extent of suffering, specially suffering of the innocent this undeserved suffering that touches us the most.
Lazar, Moscow
10/01/2015 08:48
Thanks Sibérian people very much. I have cried a lot because comic strip books from cartoonist "Cabu", "Wolinsky" were gifts for christmas day in my family.We laughed together.
Very difficult days for us here, but we love freedom that give us courage .
I join you for condoleances to relatives and wishes to injured .THANKS to Siberain times for this page.

Merci à nos amis Sibériens.J'ai beaucoup pleuré car les albums de Cabu, Wolinsky étaient des cadeaux de noël dans ma famille et nous riions tous ensemble.
Les jours sont difficiles pour nous .Nous aimons la liberté, cela nous donne du courage
Je me joins à vous pour adresser mes condoléances aux familles des victimes et aux blessés pour les attentats de ces 2 jours
Jocelyne---CHARLIE !, FRANCE
10/01/2015 03:03

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