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Marc Di Duca

Mother accused of allowing young daughter to be raped for money

By The Siberian Times reporter
04 February 2015

Horror of seven-year-old girl sexually abused by uncle for 52,000 roubles as woman aimed to clear debts.

The woman, who has not been named, is said to have agreed to let her brother-in-law take the girl into the woods to be sexually abused for just 2,000 roubles ($30). Picture: Reporter-tv.net 

A mother is under investigation accused of giving her seven-year-old daughter away to be raped by a family member for money.

The woman, who has not been named, is said to have agreed to let her brother-in-law take the girl into the woods to be sexually abused for just 2,000 roubles ($30). In return the 38-year-old man, who is the little girl's uncle, also agreed to forget about a 50,000 rouble ($768) debt owed to him.

Police arrested the pair, from Tyumen, and an investigation is now under way by prosecutors in a bid to bring the case to court.

A statement from the Tyumen Regional Investigative Committee said the girl was to undergo medical and psychological rehabilitation following her ordeal before being sent to her biological father.

It added: 'When investigators have gathered enough evidence the files of this criminal case will be forwarded to the prosecutor to consider the accusation papers.

'According to the investigation, in May 2014 the accused man contacted the ex-wife of his brother who had borrowed money from him earlier, and offered her to give him her young daughter, born in 2007, for temporary usage aiming to rape her.

'In return he promised to forget about the debt of 50,000 roubles and also to pay the woman 2,000 roubles. The woman agreed to all terms. In August 2014 she gave the man her little daughter and he took the girl to the forest and raped her there, causing serious damage to the girl's health.'

Officials said the man would be charged with violating Article 127.1 of the Russian Crime Code, for the trade of underage children, Article 132, for violent sexual actions with child under 14 years old, and Article 131 for raping a child under 14 years old.

It is the second harrowing tale involving a mother in Siberia over the past month.

In January a woman abandoned her three children in the woods and then alerted police because she no longer wanted to look after them. The mother, who has not been named, reported her two sons and daughter missing, giving a description of what they looked like and how they were dressed.

A subsequent search of the area by Novosibirsk region state traffic police located the youngsters, aged five, six, and eight, alone in the cold. 

Comments (1)

She's not a mother. She is a monster. No mother would let any harm mentally, emotionally or physically come to their child. Not at any price. What a disgrace to motherhood and the human race that she the "mother" is and the uncle is a sick vile disgusting human being.
That poor girl was betrayed by her protector for money.

Linda , New Zealand
11/02/2015 16:51

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