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Robert Service on Lenin's exile in Siberia

Romeo and Juliet-style tragedy leaves young woman dead

By Anna Liesowska
03 April 2015

Man kills his girlfriend in supposed murder-suicide pact because they could not bear to be apart then fails to take his own life.

The love story began in November last year after the couple met one another on a social network and moved in together. Picture: Vkontakte

A Siberian family is in mourning after a supposed Romeo and Juliet-style tragedy left a young woman dead and her boyfriend accused of her murder. In a horrific case in Norilsk, it has been claimed a couple decided they wanted to end their lives together just like the fictional Shakespearean characters.

After killing his 20-year-old girlfriend Maria Pilipenko, rap musician Viktor Yadne even uploaded a photo of her corpse to a social network site along with their love story and details about how he was going to join her next in death.

But the 24-year-old changed his mind and instead was arrested three days later on suspicion of her murder.

The case has shocked people in the industrial city in Krasnoyarsk Krai in central Russia, particularly amid allegations the woman had 'no thoughts about suicide'.

Larisa Neyland, assistant head of the press office of the investigation committee, said: 'The guy admitted committing the murder but keeps insisting he did it because the girl asked him to, and that he hadn't enough courage to commit suicide himself. He seems sane, but there will be a psychological and psychiatric check.'

The love story began in November last year after the couple met one another on a social network and moved in together. In his chilling confession letter Viktor insisted they were 'happy together' and overcame their troubles and difficulties 'hand in hand, in joy and in sorrow'.

Maria and Viktor

Maria Pilipenko

'He was beating her up. But Masha loved him a lot. And the day before the murder she was shocked when she was told of his past.' Pictures: Vkontakte

He said they had been having some recent problems and he was being sought by police after stealing a number of items in November.

His run-in with the law led his girlfriend’s parents, Olga and Nazim, to worry about their daughter’s relationship with him, and they urged her to leave him.

Viktor claimed: 'They were interfering and creating problems for us. They thought their opinion was more important.' In them end he said he and his girlfriend decided the only escape was to die arm-in-arm.

He wrote: 'We loved each other very much, and agreed to die together to be together in the after-life world. To die in the name of love. She came to mine. We were together. We were happy to be together, and were kissing and hugging.

'Later the time came to do what we had decided to do. She blindfolded her eyes, and sat in a chair with her back facing me. I kissed her and hit her on her head with a stick and started suffocating her.

'After her soul left her body, I released her scarf, held her hand, and kissed her cheek and said, 'I am a bad man, a sinner, and now a murderer'.'

Viktor put 20 red roses beside her, one for every year she had been alive, and placed a religious picture in her left hand. He continued: 'If there is an after-life, then we will meet. If you're reading this I followed her.

Viktor Yadne

Viktor Yadne

Viktor Yadne

After killing his 20-year-old girlfriend Maria Pilipenko, rap musician Viktor Yadne uploaded to a social network site their love story and details about how he was going to join her next in death. Pictures: Vkontakte

'This is not a note of a mentally ill person, but the real story of us, Maria Pilipenko and Viktor Slivin. Everyone was against our love and was interfering so that we were not happy here on Earth.

'We're asking you not to be blame us for this. We're wishing everyone love and kindness.

'Now I’m sitting in an empty flat, getting drunk. She's lying dead. Not smiling. Not looking with her green eyes and not talking. I'm holding her hand - it's cold, it's very hard.

'I'll drink up and step in the loop. And will join her. She's waiting for me and we will soon meet again. And we'll be together forever.'

Viktor adds their times of death, with Maria listed at 2pm on March 25 and his at 7.30pm the next day. However, he does not carry out his promise and does not take his own life.

The girl's corpse was found on Monday on the seventh floor of the abandoned Nadezhdinsky metallurgic plant. She had injuries on her head and neck and still had the flowers beside her.

Her killer was found three days later hiding in the maintenance room of a building in Kayerkan, a district in the northern part of Norilsk. It has emerged that Viktor sent a number of text messages to Maria’s friends and family goading them that she is actually still alive.

Her mother, Olga, said she had great concerns about their relationship.

Plants surround Norilsk

View on industrial part of the city


View of Norilsk city and Nadezhdinsky metallurgic plant. Pictures: Kate Baklitskaya, Slava Stepanov

'He was sending texts day and night,' she said. 'Sometimes he was saying our daughter was alive and that they will come back together now, and sometimes saying he was sitting near her corpse.

'We really were against their relationship and were trying to reason Masha. He was using her. They rented a flat, but Masha sometimes would come home to us hungry and with her hands shaking.

'He was beating her up. But Masha loved him a lot. And the day before the murder she was shocked when she was told of his past. Viktor had numerous criminal cases.

'I think she wanted to break up with him. But he wouldn't let her leave. One thing I know for sure - she had no thoughts about a suicide.'

Igor Petrov, a volunteer on a social network help group in Norilsk, said: 'It seems Maria found out about her boyfriend's past and realized she had no future with him and decided to break up with him.

'It doesn't look like she let herself be killed: a broken phone, face in blood, arms in dirt tell a lot. Perhaps she was fighting the murder.'


Comments (3)

The only way he can prove his case (is) if he could revive her, but as it stands now he could yet still be following her...when he's sentenced to "Death" for her "Murder".
Jaker, Dundalk
08/04/2015 01:38
Romeo & Juliet.... ! Sorry, but my gut feeling is that this young lady was murdered because she realised too late that she had made a bad choice, wanted to end their relationship, and was brutally killed. Being whacked over the head and strangled, does not appear to me to be the usual method of choice used in a suicide pact. ! I trust that investigators will get to the truth of the matter, and that justice will prevail. My sympathies go out to both their parents, whom are now forever linked by this sad tragedy.
Simon Robinson, Crewe uk
05/04/2015 17:39
Twat ! My gut feeling is that I don't believe one iota of this young mans story. My sincere sympathy goes to the parents whom have tragically lost their beautiful daughter. I trust the judicial authorities will do right by them.
simon. robinson, Crewe uk
05/04/2015 16:42

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