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Police officer murdered in patrol car by drunk driver

By Anna Liesowska
22 June 2015

CCTV captures full horror of knife attack that left father-of-two dead.

Senior lieutenant Alexander Lyamkin, 34, died at the scene after being repeatedly stabbed by the suspect who was sitting in the back of his patrol car. Picture: Ministry of Internal Affairs in Altai region

A police officer in the Altai region has been murdered, and another injured, by a drunk driver pulled over for a traffic offence.

Senior lieutenant Alexander Lyamkin, 34, died at the scene after being repeatedly stabbed by the suspect who was sitting in the back of his patrol car.

His colleague Roman Polnikov also came under attack from the drunken man – named only as Trusov – before he managed to escape.

The tragedy has shocked people in the Krasnoschekovsky district, particularly as the horrific incident was captured on the car’s CCTV camera.

It unfolded at about 1am on June 19 in the village of Kharlovo when the two officers stopped the driver of a Lada to check his documents. As they spoke to him it emerged the man, a local resident, was very drunk.

Traffic officer killed

Traffic officer killed

Traffic officer killed

Traffic officer killed

The CCTV shows driver sitting quietly in the back, however, after a few minutes he then pulls out a hidden knife and attacked the policemen. Picture: Fapnews

The driver was taken into the police car while the officers started to write up a report, and the camera shows him sitting quietly in the back.

However, after a few minutes he then pulls out a hidden knife and attacked the policemen.

Senior Lieutenant Lyamkin, who has an 11-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, appears to be stabbed in the neck and body before getting out the car, only to succumb to his injuries. His colleague manages to escape and lock the killer in.

However the video shows Trusov breaking the window and trying to kill the second policeman.  He could now face a life sentence.


Comments (6)

Mrkoolaid: In USA things are different and criminality is very high.

Lot's of people have guns with them so policetactics are different.

Btw, the way you act in the USA is unimaginable, partially unaccepted and often is totaly illegal here in Greece where i live.

I don't know details about the criminality in Russia, but i do know that they have a BIG problem with aggression, so policeman should be prepared for that (and i am sure thay are)!

It is good to have protective wall/window, but if you don't have it, you still have alternative ways to minimize dangerous situations: Searching (!) the suspected person, keep eye on it, safe distance, seating next to him in the back seats and not in the front seat, handcuffs if necessary etc.

In this particular case, i's obvious that something went wrong...

I agree with you that this woudn't happen so easily in the USA, because of the protective wall etc.

It would also not happen so easily in Greece, because our people are not so aggressive.
Chris, Greece
27/06/2015 18:59
@Mrkoolaid. You are absolutely right this would never have happened in America. In America that man wouldn't have made it into the police car alive. The police would have stopped him in the street, pumped him full of lead for looking at them the wrong way then throw his lifeless, handcuffed body in the back of the car whilst screaming "STOP RESISTING!!".
Bungle1, Romford, Englant
25/06/2015 16:47
This would have never happened if this was in America, Police out in my country don't take no
BS..I feel bad for the officer and his partner, clearly they haven't established a safe working environment in Russia and foreign countries for Police. Our squad cars have cages and protective windows in them. That Russian police car doesn't look very safe to me, and a platoon of NYPD officers Would have swarmed that vehicle after that attack and he wouldn't have escaped
Mrkoolaid, USA NY
25/06/2015 09:26
The sooner that brute is caught the better...I would hazard a guess he's already killed someone before he sat in that policeman's car. May he be caught soon & brought to justice. As I said, he's a "Brute".

Condolences to the family & friends of the dead policeman. RIP.
Jaker, Dundalk
24/06/2015 08:39
Well, in Greece you can't put handcuffs to anyone, just for checking his papers.
I suppose, in Russia it is the same.
I would rather ask myself, why is the guy sitting inside the Police Car and both policemen too.
If it had to be done this way, then, they should check him first for possible weapons.
Chris, Greece
23/06/2015 21:03
Why was the drunk NOT in handcuffs, from the start?
Also searched for weapons.
Cops need to be alert, because some people out there, have NO respect for others.
Darwin, USA
22/06/2015 19:10

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