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At least two dead and dozens trapped after roof collapse at military training centre

By The Siberian Times reporter
13 July 2015

Up to 38 people trapped in building as rescue underway.

At least 11 were pulled from the debris, number of people trapped reported as between 19 and 38. Picture: youtube

The roof fall at the paratroopers centre near Omsk in western Siberia killed at least two with many trapped in the rubble. Rescue services were working to free the victims. There was no explosion or fire at the scene. 

At least 11 were pulled from the debris at the military training centre in Svetly. Reports of the number trapped varied between 19 and 38.

The accident was confirmed by the Russian defence Ministry, but details were scarce. A commission led by the acting commander of Russia's airborne troops Nikolai Ignatov will probe into the accident. As the drama unfolded, an emergency services source said: 'According to preliminary information, two people have been removed without signs of life. A further 17 are alive, but with various injuries. Nineteen people remain under the rubble."

However, figures on those still trapped after the roof fall ranged widely. Sources denied that a gas explosion was the cause of the tragedy. They denied the building was connected to a gas supply. 


Comments (1)

Oh I have an idea this will be covered up by tomorrow; Siberian Times, you'll never get the truth from them, the Defense Ministry. You know this story has only the smallest report on Russia Today, a really stuck in the corner pro Putin site. I saw the video it definitely seems like an explosion of some kind brought the building down. Please, Siberian Times, get the truth about his's no less what the people of Omsk & the families of those killed & injured deserve.

Condolences & RIP to the families of those who died.
Jaker, Dundalk
13/07/2015 09:14

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