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Police to check disturbing scene of leashed girl walking on all fours in park

By The Siberian Times reporter
24 July 2015

Girl's 'grandmother holds leash' of child who acts like a dog.

'I watched them for 10 minutes, the child ran around on all fours. Very skilfully, I would have said.' Picture: Alexey Vlaskin

Footage shot by Ekaterinburg resident Alexey Vlaskin shows a woman walking a girl on a leash at Zelenaya Roshcha park.

'I saw this in the park on 20 July in the afternoon. I was walking around the football field and came across this strange couple,' he said. 'I watched them for 10 minutes, the child ran around on all fours. Very skilfully, I would have said. 

'I did not see her getting up on her feet. Other children hand-fed her with bread, she ran up to them like a dog.' He did not ask the woman why she walks with a child in such a strange manner.

The Russian president's children's rights commissioner today intervened in the case which he branded monstrous and criminal.

'The representative of the children's rights commissioner in Sverdlovsk region is sorting out the monstrous case of a girl walking on a leash,' said Pavel Astakhov on Twitter. 'Such child abuse is unacceptable and criminal.'

Child on a leash

Child on a leash

Child on a leash

'She is about 5 years old, a little aggressive yet not crazy, but like many children, she played as if she was a cat, but not to this extent of going on all fours.' Picture: Alexey Vlaskin

When the footage was shown on the site of a local newspaper, a woman called the office to say she recognised the girl and her grandmother from classes at a child development centre. 

'She is about 5 years old, a little aggressive yet not crazy, but like many children, she played as if she was a cat, but not to this extent of going on all fours,' said the woman. The caller said the grandmother was 'weird' always walking around in a sheepskin coat whatever the weather.

Police spokesman Valery Gorelykh said: 'The video will be studied by specialists of the Juvenile Affairs Service.'

The would check up 'what is behind this video - whether the child is ill, of if there was any violation of the rights of the child'. If needed there would be checks on 'the woman's and child's personalities'.

Comments (4)

nothing described in the article is seen in the video; the whole story is a hoax.
sharik, moscow, russia
27/07/2015 16:28
the article is utterly misleading and concealing the fact that it has been clarified right away that the girl herself had asked her babushka to use a leash for playful purposes, and the moment during which the girl walked 'on her four' was lasting only seconds; therefore the pic is out of context completely.
sharik, moscow, russia
27/07/2015 16:24
That little child should be in care, you don't do this to a human being what ever is wrong with them. I guess the child has a mental disability (maybe autism, maybe not) & needs professional care. The grand-mother probably can't control her like professionals so puts a leash around her. You can't do this in any society, the little one is very young still so it is best to get her help immediately so as to analyse her problem or medical condition, so as to help her medically or psychologically. But to let her go on being leased as an animal for even another day would be the cruelest thing to do. Go seek her out, & give her & her family a new start in life, give that little girl a better chance for a better future. Hope all turns out well for all concerned.

Siberian Times, well done again, for reporting another story that should first shock & then should be addressed.
Jaker, Dundalk
26/07/2015 00:36
Ppl shouldn't judge too fast. My own son played as if he was a dog for a while. He is autistic and it made him feel safe. (The dog collar is a bit too much) i hope some day ppl would step out off there boxes and be more open minded. If you're child likes to pretend like a dog. Just let it be. There bigger problems in this world of chaos.
(You should take ppl in who mistreat there children by watching in there phones instead of giving there children attention and love. (Looking like a robot generation) love for all =)
Icarefor humanity , Everywere
25/07/2015 19:05

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