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Children make 'soup' of hard drugs during playtime at kindergarten

By Olga Gertcyk
05 October 2015

Three girls in coma after using lethal designer narcotics during their game.

The tree, named as Alina, Sasha and Alisa, were in comas but are now recovering. Picture: Komsomolskaya Pravda

The five year old girls found the deadly drugs cocktail as they played at Kindgarten Number 262 in Novosibirsk. They used the highly dangerous drugs as a 'spice' in their game, pouring on water and pretending they were making soup. 

The tree, named as  Alina, Sasha and Alisa, then sampled the broth and were immediately poisoned. All three were in comas but are now recovering. 

A kindergarten nurse said: 'The children felt unwell before their afternoon sleep, almost immediately after a walk outside. Alina was the first one taken to me. The girl was in coma, her pupils were dilated, she was almost unconscious.

Drugs in kindergarten

Drugs in kindergarten

The five year old girls found the deadly drugs cocktail as they played at Kindgarten Number 262 in Novosibirsk. Pictures: Kindgarten Number 262

'We called the ambulance immediately. After that two more girls were hospitalised with similar conditions.'

A duty doctor at State Hospital Number 1 in Novosibirsk said: 'It is not yet clear what the children got poisoned with. It is necessary to wait for the forensic report. It looks like a psychoactive substance.' 

State investigators are running checks on how the designer drugs were on the school's premises. Analysis showed the drug was a synthetic drug or 'spice', said the Russian Ministry of Heath. The designer drug gives people hallucinations and can be fatal.


Comments (2)

Unfortunately, this scheme has been been used for many years in Russia: drug dealers leave the bags hidden somewhere in the bushes, playgrounds, mailboxes and give their customers the coordinates. Pretty often people see the subjects digging ground or breaking the mailboxes in their buildings, searching for the drugs, often in same place every day - but in most cases police does nothing :(
olga, Novosibirsk
06/10/2015 02:00
while of course ....anyone... could have thrown the drugs over the fence, the clip on TV news showed that the gate into the yard was not locked. a yard is a quiet place during then night, no one there, the ideal place to shoot up or have a smoke.... or shoot up.
Benedikt, Moscow,Russia
06/10/2015 00:39

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