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'Switzerland would fit into Tyumen region in Siberia seven times. But it doesnt't want to. '

Oldest and deepest lake in world shaken by earthquake

By The Siberian Times reporter
04 February 2016

Epicentre of quake measuring up to 6 on Richter Scale was under Lake Baikal - but local pets knew it was coming.

No significant abnormal waves were reported on Baikal, which contains some 20% of the world's unfrozen fresh water. Picture: The Siberian Times

Tremors were felt in the Republic of Buryatia and in Irkutsk region which border the huge Siberian lake, with those affected reporting a 'terrible rumble' and a 'roar' as the earth shook. 

The epicentre was near Olkhon Island, 26 kilometres from the village of Khuzhir in Irkutsk region and 35 km from Gremyachinsk village in Buryatia. It struck at 2.27 am local time on Thursday (6.27 pm GMT on Wednesday), said the Baikal branch of the Russian Geophysical Service .

No casualties were reported but the tremors were felt up to 220 km from the epicentre, with many people woken at night by their beds shaking - and a loud 'roar' that preceded the quake.

Baikal earthquake

Baikal earthquake Pictures: Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences

No significant abnormal waves were reported on Baikal, which contains some 20% of the world's unfrozen fresh water. 'There were neither casualties nor destruction,' reported the Emergencies Ministry. 

The social media was alive with accounts of the quake. 'I live in Sontikovo, in a private house, and at first there was a roar for a few seconds, then the tremors. Even the lamp was blinking,' wrote one.

'I felt two small and one big tremor. I live on the 8th floor - how scary... and did you hear the noise? It's terrible...', reported another. 'Has anyone heard the terrible rumble when the tremors started?' asked one more.

Map of earthquakes 2015

More than 50 major tremors have been registered around the north of Lake Baikal in first half of 2015, varying in magnitude from 3.0 to 5.0 on the Richter Scale. Picture: Baikal Branch of Geophysical Service, Russian Academy of Science

Another account said: 'I was lying alone in the room, a terrible roar, all starts to shake... I almost lost my mind.' Beds and furniture were 'shaking', with chandeliers and dishes rattling. 

Ahead of the quake dogs and cats appeared know of the impending earthquake, said residents. 'Dogs barked for seemingly no reason - now we know why,' said one. 'My cat went crazy before the earthquake. Ran like crazy, screaming,' wrote another.  'After the the house was shaken, she ... calmed down. Scary.'

Another householder said: 'Our rabbit was running around the cage, as if 'looking for the fifth corner' during the earthquake! Poor guy.'

A second earthquake was reported near Severomuisk in the north of Buryatia at 8 am on Thursday. Experts say the Baikal region is located in a seismically active zone. 

Comments (3)

I have a male Siberian Tabby mix cat that sense an earthquake centered in central Illinois on Monday, 17 March 2008 at around a magnitude 5.0 when I was getting ready for work around 0500 EDT. He just ran around at top speed up and down the hallway at my old house in Detroit.

I also noticed when we have northern lights here in Michigan when I lived in Detroit and now where I live near Lakeport Michigan. He insist that I should take cover by hiding under the bed or dresser. Sorry kitty. I'm slightly too large to fit under the bed or dresser. Even tries to block my way from preventing to go outside to see the northern lights. I can get anywhere from an hour to even three or more hours when my cat senses that we are experiencing a magnetic storm normally above a category 1 and very much so when its a category 2 or greater on a scale of 0 to 5.
Arthur Boyko, Lakeport MI USA
19/05/2016 05:42
I really like the way Carmen from Ireland expressed her comment and I totally agree with animals ability to have both instincts and empathy. I would just like to add that they all also have a level of intelligence that tends to lead to rather mischievous senses of humour...:-). I hope everyone and all of your pets are doing well after the quake.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
07/02/2016 04:22
Of course animals sense such activity....they are the true earth empaths and that is why we should always trust their judgement... they always show signs with their activity of atmospheric change....faultlessly
Carmen , Ireland
06/02/2016 06:56

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