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'Switzerland would fit into Tyumen region in Siberia seven times. But it doesnt't want to. '

Woman teacher fired for whipping 11 year boy with skipping rope

By The Siberian Times reported
18 March 2016

Student Nikita had 20 lash wounds on his legs after 'punishment' from female physical education teacher.

Omsk teacher Svetlana Savelyeva decided to punish Nikita for inappropriate behaviour. Picture: School No 95

The child's mother reported the 'beating' by 38 year old Omsk teacher Svetlana Savelyeva. She claimed the boy was beating his classmates so she decided to 'teach him a lesson'.

School director Olga Oleksina said: 'After the incident, Nikita complained his classroom teacher and they both came to me. The boy needed more psychological than medical help. He was crying. I asked Nikita, who left these traces on his body. The boy said that Svetlana (his teacher).

Rope traces on child's llegs

Rope traces on child's llegs

Student Nikita had 20 lash wounds on his legs after 'punishment'. Pictures: Lifenews

'I went to talk to her. The teacher looked absolutely calm. I did not see some excitement in her behaviour or feelings of shame. She was very confident. She said that she only slapped him, because she thought he was hurting other children with the skipping rope.' She claimed to the school director that she had 'acted correctly' in whipping the child.

School No 95

Olga Oleksina

School No 95 director Olga Oleksina said: 'The boy needed more psychological than medical help.' Picture: School No 95

'She still believes that acted correctly,' said Mrs Oleksina, but 'violence is not an option'. 

She said the teacher was fired 'as soon as she teacher confessed that she hit him'. She 'packed up and left the school'. Mrs Oleksina said that previously there had 'never been any problems with her'.

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