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Su-25 crashes on village houses in Russian Far East

By The Siberian Times reported
30 March 2016

Warplane suddenly lost height; pilot successfully ejected.

Su-25 on the military base in Chernigovka. Picture: alexeyvvo 

The Sukhoi jet slammed into a vegetable garden in Chernigovka village, Primorsky region, and the force of the impact and fireball destroyed neighbouring buildings. 

The emergency services were seeking to put out the flames and check if people were in the homes and outbuildings. An eyewitness said: 'The plane was flying but suddenly, for no apparent reason, began to fall. 

Su-25 crash

Su-25 crash

Su-25 crash

The emergency services were seeking to put out the flames and check if people were in the homes and outbuildings. Pictures: PrimaMedia, Lifenews,

'Now the place was cordoned off, no one is allowed there. They still extinguish the fire. But it seems like no people were there.'

The Defence Ministry reported the the plane crashed as it attempted to land at Chernigovka military airport crashed Su-25. A spokesman confirmed the pilot successfully ejected from the plane. 

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I hope everyone is safe and that the malfunction can be identifed and prevented from happening again. I am really happy the pilot was able to eject successfully. Thank you to everyone in Emergency Services for responding so quickly.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
30/03/2016 18:22

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