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Vile kitten torture video demands 'likes' or pet Vasya will face more terror and death

By The Siberian Times reporter
11 July 2016

Sinister teenagers hide behind Guy Fawlkes masks as they carry out acts of violence against helpless cat.

The video-makers demanded 100,000 subscribers in nine days or the kitten would die. Picture: YouTube

The shocking video starts with one of the boys explaining: 'Project Game' is a show where the life of kitten Vasya will depend on the users' reaction. 'The main condition of the game is that people need to 'like' the videos that will be uploaded on this channel.'

Captions then explain that 'if there are more 'likes' than 'dislikes' the torture of the cat will turn into a sweet game. If there are more 'dislikes'  - the torture will become more cruel.'

Footage - believed to be made by teenagers in Khabarovsk showed the kitten's nose forced into a bowl of milk.

Teenagers torture kitten

Teenagers torture kitten

They promised more challenges in upcoming videos showing Vasya. Pictures: YouTube

The young cat's paws were wrapped with tape and it was hung upside down from the ceiling. 

The video-makers demanded 100,000 subscribers in nine days or the kitten would die. They threaten to 'make Vasya spend all his nine lives'.

The authors claimed that putting 'likes' on the video was the first mission for viewers to rescue the kitten. They promised more challenges in upcoming videos showing Vasya.

When The Siberian Times found the video it had less than 3,500 subscribers, with 200 'likes' and 500 'dislikes'. But there were a barrage of hostile comments, mostly death threats to the video-makers or demands for the release of the kitten.

Teenagers torture kitten

Teenagers torture kitten

Teenagers torture kitten

Teenagers torture kitten

The young cat's paws were wrapped with tape and it was hung upside down from the ceiling. Picture:

The anonymous authors replied: 'Do you feel sorry for this kitten? But you are ready to cut our throats? How is that? It's some improper society. 18 likes, 50 dislikes? Skinners. Surely you want us to kill Vasya.' 

Amid the outcry, the video was deleted from its Project Game channel, as police began a probe. Another video was put up showing the kitten alive.The caption read: 'The video staged. The kitten is domestic. Go away.'  

Critics believe the move was taken because of concern over a police probe. 

'We are trying to find out the whereabouts of the author of this video,' said a police source. 'There is no reliable information that he lives in Khabarovsk, yet. 

'If we find out that he is a resident of Khabarovsk, it will be easy to find him. If the person lives outside of the Khabarovsk region we will take other measures.' 

Comments (13)

these people are sick to torture such an innocent and defensless kitten. i think they have a sick need to have subscribers and likes to be "cool" if they are in school. these people disgust me. I would want to adopt this kitten when it is saved to keep any other sick people from abusing this cute little kitten. Raise Awarness Of animal cruelty and Kitten Abuse and put a stop to these inhuman acts.
03/10/2019 03:20
04/09/2019 15:21
If it means this innocent being gets to live, I'll do anything these jerks say!!! Please tell me the channel name!!!
Concerned, USA
16/08/2016 07:46
Where is the channel. If it means Vasya lives, i"ll do anything these jerks say. I need an answer!!!!!!
16/08/2016 07:32
I saw this and prayed for the poor little guy :(
A guy, USA
14/08/2016 23:58
It make me sick,yes those people are so sick they should

be walking among us.
L M, California,USA.
16/07/2016 08:33
These are very sick, sadistic, horrible people!!! I would love even five minutes alone with each of them!!! They need to be put behind bars and live a life of abuse in the joint!!!
in disbelief , Bronx, NY.
16/07/2016 01:21
Terrible, terrible people. They must be caught and put behind bars permanently. Cruel, heartless sadists, indifferent to suffering, lacking all empathy and compassion, and thus a threat to every living being, especially the most vulnerable. That poor, poor, innocent kitten, who deserved protection, not torture, who should have blown their hearts open instead. Abominable.
Heidi-Marie Stephenson, United Kingdom
13/07/2016 14:04
These are some really sick people.
Restless Boomers, Seattle, WA, USA
13/07/2016 05:02
It's not like they cut its tale off.
Pink Guy, Taylor, MI
12/07/2016 10:38
Give me the kitten please.
Collins, New Britain
12/07/2016 01:36
Catch them and do to them as they did to the helpless cat!!!
Ozzie Finley, West Virginia, U.S.A.
11/07/2016 23:06
These psychopaths likely were sexually abused as children and are now acting out their anger on an equally helpless creature such as kittens. They must be caught and undergo intensive psychotherapy to remove the bloodthirst to torture and kill before they move up to killing children.
Steve Bond, Pantelleria
11/07/2016 17:43

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