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Tortured to death: the injured spotted seal cub that came ashore on Sakhalin Island

By The Siberian Times reporter
13 July 2016

Terrorised by dogs, beaten with sticks by children, and scared by people taking selfies, the cub died.

Beached and unable to move, the seal faced incalculable stress and injury. Picture: Zeleny Sakhalin

A local woman on two consecutive days alerted an animal rights group to the plight of the cub but there were no staff available to save the seal. 

The seal had wounds to its limbs but struggled ashore to warm up at Korsakov, on Sakhalin.

Beached and unable to move, the seal faced incalculable stress and injury from barking and taunting dogs, children poking and beating it with sticks and a swarm of locals taking pictures of the wide-eyed creature. 

Spotted seal cub

The cub died on 5 July of 'numerous bruises, injuries and fractures'. Picture: Zeleny Sakhalin

Animal group 'Green Sakhalin' (Zeleny Sakhalin) finally managed to take away the cub, but it did not survive. 

It died on 5 July of 'numerous bruises, injuries and fractures'.

Fund specialist Alexander Ivanov said the cub had probably spent one week on the shore. 

Experts say it is vital not to touch seal cubs in such conditions. 

They experience huge stress from the cars passing along the coast, stray dogs, or when people photograph or stroke them.

The tragedy occured near Korsakov town, on Sakhalin. Pictures: The Siberian Times, Armen Zakh



Comments (1)

Pour pour baby,all he wanted to is swim,not to be put to

death by animals!.
L M., California,USA.
16/07/2016 08:42

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