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'If you emptied Lake Baikal, it would take every river in the world flowing into it a year to fill.'
Mike Carter, The Observer, 2009

Teenage girls 'killed friend then propped her up so people thought she was alive'

By Olga Gertcyk
06 May 2016

Kristina B, 14, and Valeria K, 15, confessed to killing their 'friend' Sofya (Sonya) Potapova after drinking session.

Kristina B (right) and Valeria K (left) confessed to killing their 'friend' Sofya Potapova after drinking session. Picture: Vkontakte

The two alleged killers - labelled 'teen monsters' - were detained in the Sovetsky district of Buryatia after the discovery of the body of the 16 year old girl. State investigators say that after believing they had suffocated Sofya to death, they ordered a taxi and propped up their friend in the backseat, pretending she was alive. 

They 'lied to the driver telling him their friend passed out from drinking and that they needed to get to the river to get some fresh air'.

Teenage murderers

Teenage murderers

Teenage murderers

The two alleged killers - labelled 'teen monsters' - were detained in the Sovetsky district of Buryatia after the discovery of the body of the 16 year old girl. Pictures: Vkontakte

In fact, she then did show final signs of life and one of the girls then used her hands suffocate and finally kill the teenager. The taxi driver evidently didn't notice anything amiss and dropped the girls at a site close to the Selenga River. 

A report by the Investigative Committee, responsible for probing serious crime, stated: 'In the course of interrogations (the girls) gave detailed testimony about the circumstances of the murder.'

Sofya Potapova

Sofya Potapova

Sofya Potapova

'Sonya was brutally murdered, by her so-called 'friends'. Pictures: Vkontakte

Dmitry Stolyarov, an Investigative Committee official, said: 'The girls spent quite a lot of time sitting on the river bank and deciding how to cover the crime. When they saw a passersby, they sat the corpse of their friend between them and kept it there until the people left. Eventually, they dumped their victim's body on the shore and left the crime scene.'

The tragic events unfolded after the girls met in Ulan-Ude city centre and had a drink. They went to visit a male friend in the Kirzavod district of the city, but he was not at home, and they continued drinking in the yard of his flat. 

'The girls got drunk and started arguing. Eventually, two of the girls pushed the third one to the ground and started suffocating her,' said one account.


GV of Selena river

'Obviously, the animal showed aggression because he's a predator.' Picture: Seversk Zoo

In a social media posting dedicated to the dead girl, a friend says her death has brought 'irreparable grief'. 'Sonya was brutally murdered, by her so-called 'friends',' said the post.

'Almost the whole day, they tortured and beat her. In the end she was brutally murdered. I decided to create this post so that all the caring people would know the faces of these spoiled, these seeds-of-the-devil teen-monsters'.

The names of the two detainees are given in full. The official investigation is continuing into the incident. 

Comments (3)

She didn't deserve this. She was beat and then brutally murdered. And they block her murderers identity. This is a lesson to find good friends and be careful who you trust. I want her to know in heaven that she is dearly missed and beautiful
Genesis, Beverly Hills,CA,USA
07/08/2020 05:35
very sad-i almost naively believed that people were not so animalistic in Russia as in the west, as they have seen so much poverty and pain in the past themselves
Mark Danzig, Seattle USA
08/05/2016 15:41
My heart aches for Sofya, her family, friends and community. These individuals, as described, are psychopaths. I hope they will be prosecuted as adults for this horrific crime.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
07/05/2016 07:53

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