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'The Yenisey is powerful, furious hero who does not know what to do with his strength and youth'
A.P. Chekhov, 1890

'Get a moove on' - cow is back seat driver on return to pasture

By The Siberian Times reporter
29 June 2016

It's an udder way to travel as prize winner is chauffeured home.

In grand style, the cow took the ferry across the Vilyuy River reclining in the rear seat of a Toyota Caldina. Picture here and below: CrimYakutia

Having won a top award at the local Yhyakh festival in the Sakha Republic, it was time for the cow to get back to the farm. 

In grand style, the cow took the ferry across the Vilyuy River reclining in the rear seat of a Toyota Caldina.

Possibly the owner was trying to save moooney. 

Car passengers cross the river for free, while cows standing on their own four feet need a ticket to ride, according to local accounts.

Other reports deny this was the cowculation, saying this ferry Suntarsky district is free.

Whatever the reason, the cow certainly made the moos in this part of Siberia. 

Possibly the owner was trying to save moooney.

Cow in Toyota

Cow in Toyota

Comments (3)

If the car broke down he'd be a good passenger to get out and push. But I suppose he would say "Moooo" to that.

PS. Nice article, S.T.
Jaker, Dundalk
30/06/2016 11:07
Would love to see the video, of them loading the cow, into the car...I have loaded a lot of things into my cars, but I have not yet loaded a cow, yet......Made My Day......
Horsesrunwild, USA/USA
30/06/2016 04:18
Funny! she looks right ... Could Siberian Times explain us what is the Yhyakh festival please? Thank you in advance
I watch the interesting vidéo about this feast but there is not explanation (but good music !)..
Jocelyne, FRANCE
29/06/2016 18:26

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