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'Flouncing UFO' buzzes Omsk region, but is there an obvious explanation? 

By The Siberian Times reporter
01 July 2016

Social media claims aliens were inspecting Siberia in spacecraft that constantly changes shape.

'You see the ball. It is cone-shaped, and we're not seeing this with our eyes.'  Picture here and below: Tatiana Kopylova

The bright light allegedly seen in the night sky on 29 June sometimes seemed circular, other times long and narrow, if not square, as it flounced around the sky. Later it appeared to remain more still. 

The man who filmed the 'visitation' over Cherlak, Petr Mironov, 22, insisted he did not move the camera, and said it was the 'UFO' that was shaking. 

On the bizarre video, he says: 'Here it is. Wow. I'm filming it. Look, it flounces. Look, we do not see this but the camera does. No, I'm not shaking the camera, I'm holding it firm.  

UFO in Omsk region - moving

UFO in Omsk region - moving

UFO in Omsk region - moving

'Here it is. Wow. I'm filming it. Look, it flounces.' 

'Look, it's a kind of flame. You see the ball. It is cone-shaped, and we're not seeing this with our eyes.' 

The footage was uploaded by his girlfriend Tatiana Kopylova, 23, whose social media shows she has an interest in UFOs.

According to her, a number of cone- or diamond-shaped objects were seen flying over the Irtysh River for about two hours. They faded and flared up again in the night sky. 

Scepticism is high on the couple's sighting, even if it is hard to match some of the theories seeking to explain the bizarre object. 

Petr and Tatyana

Petr and Tatiana from Omsk believe they've filmed UFO.

For example, there were claims it was a quadcopter, a laser pointer, or a Chinese lantern. Up close, the object appeared to have rings on a darker surface. 

Well-known local astronomer Vladimir Krupko believes the footage shows the cameraman focusing as close as he could on a star, and that the movement is simply the camera shaking. 

He told OmskZdes: 'I'm sure that we see a starry sky being filmed. But there is a lack of information on the time of the shooting. This and the fact that they filmed the video using 'close-up' doesn't allow me to say which part of the sky was filmed.  


UFO close up


They faded and flared up again in the night sky. Picture: Vkontakte

'I'm sure that this was a bright star filmed close-up. That is why it appeared as some strange cone-shaped or diamond shaped object.

'It moves because the camera moves in the hand of the cameraman. At high magnifications all the tiny shifts are visible. 

'To sum up, it is a bright star, or maybe even a satellite. All the other effects were created by the camera and the man. I would recommend shooting with a tripod in such cases, to avoid the strange effects.' 

Comments (3)

They both look like a couple of sneaky Little Liars
Cody , USA
02/07/2016 23:47
I have just now watched the video & it seems to me to be who ever is holding the camera is shaking it all about. Now I am even less convinced.
Jaker, Dundalk
02/07/2016 09:42
On clear nights on my walkabouts I photograph the moon (I suppose, I'm a Moonie, LOL) anyway a lot of photographs come back with shapes & unclear shapes like those above, I put it down to camera being slightly off focus or unsteady hand as stated above. I think something doesn't quite ring true with this story & as the lady who took the photo's says, she's into UFO's she might be trying to make up/conjure a photo coup. Sorry, at this time, I'm not convinced.
Jaker, Dundalk
02/07/2016 09:38

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