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'A quarter of the world's timber grows within Siberia’s boundaries'
W.Bruce Lincoln

Giant fireball in Novosibirsk region: spectacular video of rare phenomenon

By The Siberian Times reporter
03 August 2016

Like an approaching UFO, the bright white luminous ball glides over a field, before heading into woodland.

'This is fireball lightening, it's the first time I see one in my life.' Picture here and below: Roman Tregubov

A local caught on camera this unusual example of ball lightning near his dacha (country house) outside Novosibirsk, Siberia's largest city. His grasp of his cell phone was shaky but his analysis of the phenomenon - as heard on the commentary - was accurate, say experts. 

'What is it there?' a female voice asks from a distance. 

'Fireball lightening,' answered the man with the mobile phone camera, Roman Tregubov, a graduate of the Novosibirsk State Technical University.

'Look, look, what is it?' another man asks. 

'Argh it's moving away,' the cameraman says. 'This is fireball lightening, it's the first time I see one in my life. It's going to move away. Lost it. Where it is? There is it. I wonder if it'll blow off soon. Yep, it blew off.'

Fireball in Novosibirsk

'The physics of fireball lightening isn't clearly explained yet, but either way I was astonished to see the fireball lightening of such size.'

With huge pride he repeats: 'This is the first time in my life.'

But a woman says: 'Horror, hide away from it.'

Roman explained he had to stand on bricks to get a view of the ball over a fence and bushes, which is why the footage was shaky. 

'Fireball lightening is very rare, yet they can appear anywhere at all,' he said. 'The physics of fireball lightening isn't clearly explained yet, but either way I was astonished to see the fireball lightening of such size - and not just that, but to catch the whole process from the beginning when it appeared until the end.'

Usually associated with thunderstorms, ball lightning lasts considerably longer than the familiar split-second flash. 

Comments (8)

it's a genki dama
thiago, BraZil
31/10/2018 20:47
Me, my wife and two friends saw 12 episodes of Ball Lightning tonight over the Atlantic Ocean. I had never heard of or saw Ball Lightning until tonight. What an amazing sight!
Oakland McCulloch, Daytona Beach Shores, FL
30/08/2016 10:06
In Tintin, the said fireballs can fly in spiral upward, while in this video, the alleged fireball seems to be static, similar to a fallen high power powerline with bluish hue and briefly yellow
Abu Azrael, Iraq
07/08/2016 21:07
Hi David,
Siberia is by far the largest (13.1 million square kilometres) of Russia, a country 48 times the size of Germany in total, but sparsely populated so there is quite some space for weirdness - especially when having a few extremes in climate conditions.
Dominik, Munich
05/08/2016 15:02
Why does Russia, in particular Siberia get all the serial weirdness?
David Wiebe, Terrace, Canada
05/08/2016 09:06
oh my, will there be any searches for new Siberian craters? they seem to be getting closer to the population centers.
bernard, , 30 degrees latitude north, 90 degrees west longitude,
04/08/2016 12:35
Weird things in this place be good to explore
Todd, Austrailia
04/08/2016 04:06
WELL DONE to the video ! I had never heard of fireball (only in "Tintin et Milou dans les 7 boules de cristal") .At what time this phenomenon has been occurring please? Was there a storm that day?I searched on the web but it seems that the fireballs are smaller (20 to 30 cm) , this seems much larger because it appeared far! What do you think?Thanks
Jocelyne, FRANCE
03/08/2016 20:48

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