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'Baikal…I have never seen water that clear in my life'
Ian Frazier, 2013

Geologists have 'no time' to save screaming colleague as he is carried away and mauled by bear

By The Siberian Times reporter
15 September 2016

Body found buried some 200 metres from remote research facility 150 kilometres from Mirny. 

Regional government officials in the Sakha Republic sanctioned the shooting of the bear. Picture: Alexander Krivoshapkin


The geologist Viktor Valter, 39, working for diamond giant ALROSA stepped outside the temporary facility Khampinsky-2 at around 11pm on 12 September in order to feed the dogs. 

His workmates heard his screams and rushing to help saw the silhouette of a bear which encroached the compound despite the presence of barking guard dogs, and the noise from working equipment.

Bear killed

Bear killed

According to the hunters it was an adult male bear, weighing 300 kilograms. Pictures:

They say 'they had no time to save him' from the bear's ambush. They searched for him all night and summoned help. They found torn clothes and blood but it took two days to find the geologist buried in soil and branches some 200 metres from the research station. 

The man had suffered multiple injuries consistent with an attack by a wild beast. Regional government officials in the Sakha Republic sanctioned the shooting of the bear. 

The bear attacked the hunters who flew in by helicopter to help the hunt for the geologist. Mirny is 1,175 km west of Yakutsk.

Comments (3)

1st photo, is nice looking bear !
walking speed, Vancouver Canada
12/10/2016 07:06
I believe the was the only and right decision to eliminate the bear which had lost its natural instinct to avoid humans, bears are cute but we have to remember they are also predators and definitely dangerous to humans.

BTW, I couldn't make out of the article whether Viktor Valter survived or not as it hasn't explicitly been expressed.
Brownbearry, Siberian Forrest
18/09/2016 08:54
В Новокузнецкой тайге, возле посёлка Усть-Нарык, с территории строящегося подворья Церкви, у моего послушника Сергея, медведь украл козла, совсем недавно, в Августе 2016 года. Когда Сергей обратился к местным властям, ему дали странный ответ, что этим медведем заниматься, ибо Сергею надо доказать факт кражи медведем козла. Реагирование должно быть здравым и полезным для человека, а не для отчёта комиссии. А зверь по-прежнему без внимания. Вот так у нас бывает с теми, кто о человечности забывает.
Анатолий Большаков, Россия, Москва
17/09/2016 06:52

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