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'The Yenisey is powerful, furious hero who does not know what to do with his strength and youth'
A.P. Chekhov, 1890

Semyon the cat is rescued after all four paws got frozen in ice at a glacial minus 35C

By The Siberian Times
02 December 2016

His whiskers were caked in frost after he had sheltered for warmth under a car in the Urals city of Zlatoust - video.

Semyon the lucky cat. Picture: Sergey Baranov/The Siberian Times 

The fluffy cat was shivering from fright after becoming wedged to the snow-covered surface leaving him unable to move. 

Good Samaritan Sergey Baranov, 41, a knife maker from Zlatoust and his wife Yelena, 36, spotted the pet under their vehicle on one of the coldest days of winter. 

It took a total of SEVEN buckets of warm water to melt the ice gripping Semyon's paws. 

'It must have got under the car in the evening, looking for a warm place, fell asleep and all its paws got frozen solid by the morning,' said Sergey. 

Sergey held the shaking cat while his wife ran back and forth from their house refilling the buckets. 

Semyon the cat is rescued after all four paws got frozen in ice at a glacial minus 35C
Semyon the cat is rescued after all four paws got frozen in ice at a glacial minus 35C. Picture: Sergey Baranov/The Siberian Times 

The front paws were freed fairly quickly, using two buckets of water. Semyon's back paws had sunk 6 centimetres into the snow which had then frozen thick.

Another five buckets of ice were needed to free the paws and in all the operation took the couple seven and a half minutes.

'It's now minus 35C,' said Sergey on the remarkable video showing the cat rescue. 'You see how cold is our winter if even cats get frozen outside.' 

The couple had prepared a thick blanket to wrap the cat after his release. 

'It looks like she can't move her paws at all,' said Sergey ominously as the animal was finally freed. 

Yelena replied: 'I've got a contact for a vet, let's call him now.'

Later Sergey posted an update on his social media.

'We called a vet who came right away and he did an anti-inflammatory shot. By the end of the day, the cat had started to walk. 

'It looks very young, only seven to nine months. 

'Three days later, after making sure the cat was all right, I posted an announcement on my page and a girl from our city said she wanted to pick it up. 

'The cat lives has now lived at her house for a week and she says he seems to be fine. He  runs and jumps around.'

During the rescue, waiting for another bucket of water, Sergey said: 'Always check what's under your cars before you start the engine!'

A frozen can rescue. Pictures: Sergey Baranov/The Siberian Times

frozen cat rescue Russia

frozen cat rescue Russia

frozen cat rescue Russia

Comments (14)

Sergey and Yelena, you both rock! What a great story! Thank you for being so kind, you're special people!!! God Bless,
Mike, Jo Ann and Lawson Jacks, Cedar Park, Texas USA
13/01/2017 23:53
Thank you for caring and rescuing the kitty! Sergey and Yelena - the world needs more people like you who are willing to help those in need :)
Rhonda N, New Brunswick CANADA
20/12/2016 20:46
Great job Sergey and Yelena!

Greetings from Sweden!
Tom, Malmö/Sweden
13/12/2016 21:46
I'm so glad u people found this young kitty and knew what to do so he wasn't harmed he looks like a real gem saved by beautiful angles. Thank God for being you.
Colette, Brisbane, Australia
10/12/2016 18:16
Great job! It helps me to know that there are kind caring people in other parts of the world. It gives me hope. Beautiful cat.
Lisa Brenner , Holland, MI
10/12/2016 17:07
Poor Kitty !Sergey and Yelena, God bless you both !! 
Christian Wurzer, Munich, Germany
09/12/2016 17:08
Thank you for saving this sweet little kitty.
Karen B., Hammond, Indiana USA
09/12/2016 08:51
Maximilian Schindler, Wichita, KS USA
08/12/2016 16:46
Thank you wonderful pepole who so lovingly helped this cat in dire saved the life of this beautiful cat! God Bless you and kitty! Hope kitty is well
Mary Durant, Upton,MA USA
06/12/2016 19:58
Thank you for being such caring persons and saving this cat's life!
Elisa, Texas, USA
06/12/2016 08:03
Sergey & Yelena, HUGE thank you for rescuing the poor kitty! The world needs MORE people like you - with a heart for animals!
Anina, Slovakia
04/12/2016 21:11
there are still kind people around. not all Russia are Vodka swilling, drunk hooligans.
Benedikt, Moscow
03/12/2016 22:17
Good to hear...
Grant HIbbs, Delta BC Canada
03/12/2016 11:53
A beautiful rescue, of a beautiful cat, by beautiful people.
Daye Tucker, Scotland
03/12/2016 04:36

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