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New Siberian invention to zap drones - or remotely recharge them as they fly

By The Siberian Times reporter
22 June 2017

Fiber lasers used to shoot down 'alien unmanned aerial vehicles' in system developed in Novosibirsk.

Russian Vice Prime Minister Yuri Rogozin at the Technoprom-2017 exhibition. Picture: Technoprom-2017

The new technology, unveiled this week, was developed by specialists from the Institute of Atmospheric Optics, part of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Researcher Grigory Filimonov said  'highly efficient fiber lasers matrix addition' allows for 'remote recharging of unmanned aerial vehicles'. 

'It allows recharging friendly - and shooting down alien - drones.'

He explained to TASS: 'We have created a device with seven channels and achieved an energy increase by 49 times. 

'The energy can be scaled up many times.'

The technology works at a distance of several kilometres. 

It was unveiled at the R&D and Innovation Exhibition, part of the Technoprom-2017 international forum, taking place in Novosibirsk.

Some 25 countries are taking part in the forum. 

A major theme is diversification in the Russian defence industry.

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Obviously the Russian Federation needs more science and technology R&D, much more than this. The universities are necessary but never enough. Without encouraging the talented people to start their own private companies, Russia won't be able to compete in the world. Meanwhile, in the US the Lockheed company has developed its own supercomputers and quantum computers, armed with AI. If you don't compete well, you are finished!
Naser Ahmed, Kwait
04/07/2017 16:29

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