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Ostrich dies from hypothermia after feet are frozen to the floor during power cut

By The Siberian Times reporter
22 January 2013

An investigation is underway into the demise of Adam the ostrich, the star of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Zoo for the last seven years.

Animal rights activists in the Russian Far East want an independent probe into Adam's death,  suspecting cutbacks at the zoo maybe to blame. Pictured: 'snow ostriches' in Altai region, Siberia, The Siberian Times

The bird's feet were frozen to the concrete floor of his cage. During a cold night the ostrich tried desperately to free himself, leaving feathers covering his floor. 

The ostrich was found dead by keepers early in the morning. 

Zoo director Tatiana Karpukhina said: 'The thing is we do look after all our animals well. This ostrich arrived to our zoo seven years ago and has wintered well since. The frosts this winter were truly severe. Of course we took some advance measures and bought extra heating devices - but sadly that night there was a power cut. 

'We admit that the animal died from hypothermia, the autopsy showed it clearly. We have already began an internal investigation.'

Animal rights activists in the Russian Far East want an independent probe into Adam's death. 

They suspect cutbacks at the zoo maybe to blame. 

Activist Melissa Malyarzhik said Adam possibly died because zoo workers did not cover the bird's cage with hay and manure, as in previous winters. 

This acted as a thermal insulation but there are concerns this procedure did not happen this year.

Comments (3)

don't start the zoo if you've got no money to keep your animals well cared for. Shame.
v angry Thea, Belgium
23/01/2013 13:34
so cruel
Carmen, Italy
23/01/2013 00:09
poor poor animals; why do people torture them by locking in the zoos
Alina, Kazan
23/01/2013 00:07

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