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'Lake Baikal: the very name fills Russian hearts with awe'
Mike Carter, The Observer

Parents scolded by police after teenagers make ‘dangerous’ selfie video in front of cargo train

By The Siberian Times reporter
02 March 2018

Five boys ‘put their lives at risk’ as engine driver makes emergency stop.

They stood on the single track railway as a cargo train approached at around 70 kilometres per hour. 

The children aged 13 and 14 were filming from a smart phone as a cargo train approached on a branch line of the Trans-Siberian network near Ussuriysk in the Russian Far East. 

They stood on the single track railway as a cargo train approached at around 70 kilometres per hour. 

The driver repeatedly sounded his horn but the boys remained on the track.

When they failed to move from the track he was forced to use his emergency brake and completely halt the cargo train. 

He is believed to have stopped just ahead of where the boys had stood. 

But it can take 1km or more to completely halt a heavily-loaded cargo train, and it was fortunate the driver had clear visibility of the children, and time to apply the brakes. 

Watch the video found later by police filmed by the boys with the following exchanges between the four teenagers. 

The case drew the attention of the Moscow authorities with Irina Volk, official spokesman for the Interior Ministry, saying the five teenagers had ‘put their lives at risk’.

She said: 'Transport police located five teenagers aged 13 to 14 who live in Rettikhovka village and in Vladivostok.

'All are schoolchildren. 

'In the mobile phone of one of them, there was found a selfie video on the rail track.'

The children are too young to face legal sanctions over the incident. 

Instead, their parents are being charged with failing to perform their parental responsibilities. 

The boys and their parents were called to a police station to be warned of the dangers of their actions. 

The underage boys have not been named. 

One of the mother’s of the teenagers said: 'Of course he understands now.

Mother speaks

Mother speaks

Police had a talk with mothers of boys

'We talked to him a lot afterwards. 

'As he explained it to me, it was just some fun for them. 

'But I want to say to the other parents – we need to keep a close eye on our children. 

'I work in a school and we have always spoken to them about (the danger of going on train tracks).

'I don’t really know why it happened in our family. 

'So we talked to him and he promised it would never happen again.'

Another mother said: 'The whole village is nervous about this incident. We are talking about it every night. 

'Thank God, all of them are alive.'

Dangerous selfie

Dangerous selfie

Dangerous selfie

Dangerous selfie

When they failed to move from the track he was forced to use his emergency brake and completely halt the cargo train. 

The incident was about 180 km from a spot on the Trans-Siberian track where two boys and a girl were killed after being hit by a freight train while making a selfie.

The dead were named as classmates Vladislav Khoroshinkin and Sergey Zembakhtin, both 13, and Sergey's sister Ustinya, ten. 

Another girl Anya Khvatova, 13, suffered serious injuries after being hit by the train

This case led to warnings about the risks of such antics.

Read more about this case:

Comments (2)

Teenagers are the same here in the US. Thankfully, they live to grow up and become adults. I remember wanting to spank my oldest son daily when he turned 13, but it got better when he turned 20. Teenagers are obnoxious in most countries and the iPhones and iPads do not help things.
Stephen Kastl, Raleigh, USA
13/03/2018 01:07
they also should apologize to the train driver. the pood man for sure must have been close to a heart attack.AND 2 month nothing that begins with /i/. meaning no iPhone,iPad,iPod or any of these devices. that might make them think a little bit more.and they are not to young to do a few hours community service. clean a park, pick up garbage. sweep the stairs in a building and pick up all the junk the people throw on the floor. and report every day in writing, in correct Russian langauge, if they know how to do it, to the police and their parents.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
03/03/2018 10:06

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